Thursday, November 27, 2008

2nd pack of pics from Mandawa and Navalgarh

Khamaghani again, Rajput observers! - I have finished another pack of photos for you to show you the beautiful Havelis we´ve seen and some street scenes and further neat and nice impressions of our trip. Today on wednesday we have reached Agra and are going to visit the Taj tomorrow morning.

Our Hotel entry
and welcome
Welcome musicians

Louise in a garden The owner of the garden has a lot of animals, horses, sheep, goats and camels
We were lucky to bump into a wedding, the groom on the horse.
It got late and we were hungry - oh! A street snack bar ...
... but then we decided to eat at the hotel.

I'm closing with this nice temple silhouette in the sunset and will be back probably tomorrow with views of the Taj Mahal.
Look back in!

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