Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Khamaghani Dear Readers,

Mumy is better day by day but due to other little problems she has been visiting the hospital,Thank you soo much for all your prayers for mumy's health.

Latest Picture from Mumy from few days back, Still can not talk,express,or use the loo , But has started to understand a little bit about what one says, had started to recognize voices and faces a little bit,We have good hopes from her recovery.
Mukta is having little problems with the health also and recovering, shakti in depression or something like that, But soo happy that we have good doctors and very good staff of 8 people,
Ayush is doing great in School, Grand ma has started to come out of her room because of the sun coming stronger every day, feels good after long and cold winters.

Durag Niwas Guest House:
Not many travelers, a lot of people canceled their stay after the mumbai terror attacks, thank god we are blessed with long term guest which is keeping the guesthouse carizma going, I have redecorated the guest house a little bit by moving and playing around with the things.
It looks amazing.

Rajput Cultural Adventures:
Next trip starts with my friend Nigama and her friends from Switzerland for almost 2 weeks, we start on the morning of the 25th from Udaipur-Sardargarh-Jodhpur-Jaislmer-Jaipur.
I will keep everybody updated with the latest, Maybe Virendra is not joining because of not having days off from work.
Ms.Margret Nobs our group member from maxi tour 07,08 in coming back for 20 days stay from the 23rd of February 2009 and will only stay in Jodhpur with our family all this time, we are happy that one more member has joined in our international family.

Sambhali, Sambhali, Sambhali:

Ms.Corinne had an idea of selling stuff made by the girls at the clock tower of jodhpur for raising some funds to be able to organize a medical camp in Setrawa village and Jodhpur, we have received an application from volunteer MS.Veronika NG who is from the states and a doctor by profession, she liked the idea of the medical camp,Local Doctors had accepted the request to voluntarily help by providing their service.

Sandhya-Soniya and Ms.Corinne

Newspaper article from Times on India, unfortunately the name sambhali is spelled wrong as Sambhal.

Because of the trust being limited to resources we organized a stall in the city center of Jodhpur and Ms.Corinne and 2 girls from the project went for 6 days to the stall and sold items to tourist and spread the awareness of the trust in between the locals,
Soniya and Sandhya

some days of the week Ms.Pinky and (Ms.Natasha,guest at the guest house)went and helped by selling the crafts.

Ms.Natasha with Ms.Jessica, a tourist at the clock tower stopping by and than visited the girls and the project. wished had longer time in India , would have ended up volunteering.

Tourist inquiring about the products :)

Sandhya (;)
It was very successful.
Some interesting Reports to come online soon.
Thanks for reading the blog.

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