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Rajput Cultural Adventures January 2009 with Nigama and Group

सभ कुछ मिलेगा
sabh kuch milega

Our Group has finished, I am back home, little tired, we have learned a lot from this group,it is not always easy with all the groups and with the expectations that people have,We did our level best from the successful experiences we have had with the other groups previously.
Thanks to Nigama and Michele for their kindness and for recommending this group to us.

At the airport in Jaipur, Our group left for Goa and one Guest Ms.Gabrielle went to Mumbai to fly home.
Last speeches and group meeting for discussing the groups experience and its dynamics

Last Night together in Rajasthan and with our Rajput Cultural Adventures services, Emil and Nigama.
Jantar Mantar(the observatory)world bigger sun dial in the back ground.
Elephant on its way back to bring more tourists
Snake Charmer!
we walked down from the fort.
Amber Fort(queens palace)
Amber fort,Jaipur(women at work)
The Amber Fort and Jaigarh fort in the background.

Women at work at Amber Fort, they are soo busy in getting their pictures taken and surrounding tourist for money,I have no idea when the conservation part will be finished, most of the time these women spend time in posing themselves for pictures.
Self Potrait mode(Nigama and Myself on elephant ride ,Amber Fort)
Nigama's group to Amber fort on elephant, (I am soo scared of elephant and camel rides)
Elephant Ride (Michele and Salomi)
AT LMB Resturant for Lunch

Nigama Buying Bangels.
Hawa Mahal(wind palace)
Well Another Indian inside India
decorated temple by the road .
Old city of Jaipur
Contrast,the modern and the traditional-INDIA
Cycle rickshaw rides in Jaipur!!

Chaos of Jaipur!!
AT the hotel in Jaipur,our guest relaxing in one afternoon!
On the running train Mr.Ruidy
overnight comfortble ride in Train to Jaipur
Morning Breakfast at Shahi Palace,Nicely decorated
Mr.Ruidy :)
gypsy dancers
group around camp fire.
another sunset at jaislmer(near Kanohi village) my friend Lois and her husband running the Desert moon in Jaislmer ,organised us a beautiful fairy tale dinner on dunes, the staff is very friendly and attentive on the dunes.
Nigama's Caravan started from road side to go for dinner,folkdance and sunset at dunes
Shadows of our caravan
Gypsy children!
Man i am in love with at Kuldhara ruines, he has magic in his algoza(two flute instrument,played together) which itself is 40 years old and was bought in Pakistan, he is 72 year old man,on Maxi trip 2007 he made my spirit hostage at the ruines of Kuldhara because of his music and the ambiance of the place.
Restored House of Kuldhara
Kuldhara Ruines
Kuldhara Ruine village, Love the restoered house, people living here were very prosperous, the restored house is my dream house.
Ludharva Jain temple.
Ludharva Jain Temple,One of my favourites (the statue of Jain diety),beautiful,chilling place, the priest will open the door of alter for a little tip for allowing a picture.

Outside the temple we enjoyed sipping tea and ate Parle-G Biscuits
Priest decorating the statues at Ram kunda Temple
Rama Kunda(quite,relaxing place)a little away from a sandstone carving factory, they sold little stone carved items very reasonably.
Nigama and Ram Kunda Temple, Hiding from the flies!!
The Bada Bagh(royal cenethopes) we had good discussion on the funeral ceremony of Rajputs
from the roof of Shahi Palace(group having dinner)
Waiting for her share on door of a traditional family.
Traditionaly first bread for lunch,dinner is cooked as an offering to Cow or a dog for good Karma.
I have no idea why my sunset pictures didnt come out so well as i try always. Sunset from the fort of Jaislmer. Little Tibet Resturant, Nice people.
posing grand Pa!
Patwa Haveli,Jaislmer
Nicely decoarated door,Jaislmer
Loosing ourself in the heart of the old city in Jaislmer
Elisabeth retiring from the coach ride, We stayed at a very friendly hotel chosen by Nigama, its called Shahi Palace(royal palace) the owner and the staff are very friendly and active in their services. We really enjoyed our stay here, the food was reasonable and freshly prepared,looking forward to staying with them in futrue.

Cooking Demonstration by Mukta.
Art and Craft workshops with the local artists in the Chippa Colony(artists area) in the old city of Jodhpur. Embroidery, Tie and Dye, Block printing and very many different procedures of craftsmenship

Gypsy dance show at Durag Niwas Guest House and Dinner.

Jodhpur sightseeing ,Fort Museum and Clock tower, ended up having the horse cart ride.
We went to Bishnoi village jeep excursion for half a day around Jodhpur, organized by Durag Niwas Guest house, it was wonderful, we saw some wildlife,met with the bishnoi family, weavers,potters,block printing,lunch with the local family.
It was overall a good experiance for our guest but upsetting a little bit because after doing the demonstration the artists wanted to sell their craft and our guest felt a little pushed by them and overly charged, I have requested the group to Bargain and not Believe in everything that a shopkeeper says. It was fun but touristic.On arrival at Durag Niwas Guest House, Welcome dance by Sambhali Girls.

At a midway between Sardargarh-Jodhpur,near Ranakpur Nigama and Myself

pee -pee break and the villagers
We stopped by a marble factory,labour cutting out marble slabs
Sardargarh Castle

Dinner at the Khush Mahal(Happy Palace)
Virendra-Nigama and Govind(me)
Welcome Our Arrival at Sardargarh Fort, the Manager is unfriendly to me and Virendra(treating us unfriendly)but the owners(maharani and maharaja) are wonderful people and probably one of the reasons why we stayed there every time.
Pilgrims in Ranakpur jain temple
Ranakput Jain Temple(guest offering flowers in the temple)
Kumbalgarh Fort

Anne-Sarita, our quite guest and Daugther of our guest from 1st trip ever we organised Mr and Mrs.Bernard

Well Michele,we didnt leave her there :)
water wheel
On our way to Kumbalgarh

Sunrise from my room

Puppet and Folk dance show at Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal in Udaipur,wonderful
Spice seller
Sweet seller

Shop selling stuff related to marriages.
Artists again,enjoying banana
(spinning holy strings)
Making Baskets(very friendly)
Lady selling sweet apple(Bill in Hindi)
Vege market and guest
Vegetable market
Vegetable seller,I liked the different greens
Lady making garlands
Guest buying bag(too much shopping)
Republic day,a sweet seller with the tricolor
Beautiful girl
We walked around the old city of udaipur, Pears (my friend from UK residing in Udaipur) recommanded it, this was beautiful experiance. Picture from a potter
Coconut water outside the garden.
Saheliyo ki bari garden,Udaipur
sightseeing with the local guide ,Mr.Narendra
1st Dinner on the roof
view from my room of the city palace and lake,Nigama wished to have a good view but they had no double room with a good view.
Ms.Gassmann inquiring about the coal iron(stone age lolzzz)
City palace muesum, i wish the museum was not this expencive and have maintained its dignity.
Lunch at a local resturant overlooking the lake pichola
Two beautiful artists
Elephant art gallery,having information on miniature paintings etc.
Group before sight seeing in front of the hotel
Group arrival in Udaipur at the Train Station. Day-1

Once again Rajput's of Rajput Cultural Adventures are on road for 12 days, this time our friend Ms.Nigama and friends have joined in for the adventures,excursions around Rajasthan.

We started on the morning of the 25th of January from Udaipur-Sardargarh(via Ranakpur and Kumbalgarh)-Jodhpur-Jaislmer-Jaipur and from here group fly's to Goa, Group has been to Gujarat before coming to Rajasthan, we hope to do our best on the tour.

Our guest are :-
Gassmann Alois Rudolf
Gassmann Sandra Elizabeth
Boehm Michele
Raetz Salome
Raetz Florian
Schlaefli Anne-Sarita
Jaag Elsbeth
Huerlimann Gabrielle
Riedi Mengia Elisa Nigama

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