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March 2009: Women Day, Holi, visiting friends, family news

Khamaghani Dear Readers,
starting this month with a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Another Market stall is over from the 26th of February for 6 days at the Clock tower,
the stall was looked after by Johanna and Eliane with two jodhpur project participants everyday, The stall did very well and we think it will be a good idea if we made one stall once a month in the city center in tourists season.
Thanks to Ms.Talia Berman for publishing my interview in the Forbes magazine.
For more information on the artical please check out the link

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Setrawa project is doing very well, volunteers raised some money and took different projects to run, they also suggested us to put 3 girls, Guddi, Laxmi and Maya, in school, with their help we managed to give the three girls platform of school. Our teacher in Setrawa project, Ms. Rekha, got married and had to leave the school. We have requested her sister, Ms. Usha, to take over as local teacher in Setrawa project, she accepted our invitation with a smile.
Ms. Griselda and Ms. Helen are leaving the project on 7th March 09. We are thankful to them for going out of their way in helping the project with everything necessary that they thought is required for the Trust.

1st March:-
My friend Ms. Ernestine came from Austria with 6 friends, they stayed with us for 5 days, it was soo nice to see her and to discuss ahead with the Sambhali Presentation. All the visitors from Austria were very friendly and nice. We went to Setrawa village and visited the project. It is very nice that they show soo much love and respect to our work and that they have given us the opportunity to represent Sambhali on an international level. We celebrated Holi before the actual date of the festival with them; the festival is celebrated for truth winning over evil.
26th of February 2009

8th of March
We had Ms. Paula and friends visiting us this week, they are friends of Ms. Gabriel who was our group member (Rajput Cultural Adventures) this January 09 around Rajasthan for 12 days. Ms. Paula and her husband were accompanied by Ms. Sylvia, who visited Sambhali Trust on the International Women Day and were chief guests for the program.
They also participated in a rally we organized for this day. The rally was organized and designed by Ms. Johanna and Ms. Eliane and it was very successful. The rally got covered by local newspapers and National TV News Channels. Ms. Chloe (advisory board member to Sambhali Trust) and Mr. Francisco from UK returned for a few days after their travel in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Ms. Margret is having a good time despite the language barriers.

Ms. Martha from Holland is making a documentary in Jodhpur on garbage collectors in India, she is staying with two friends at the guest house for 4 weeks. At the moment the guest house has quite a number of long term guests.
I suggested Martha to involve Meera’s (Sambhali Trust Jodhpur project graduating participant) son Rohit to be part of the movie, because Meera’s husband is garbage collector and a Dalit by caste. Martha liked the idea and visited Meera’s home, Rohit has the video camera now and is filming his life for 4 weeks.

9th of March
Our Sambhali girls will have 3 days off for Holi festival which is celebrated on the 11th of March this year. We celebrated Holi again with the girls and guests from the guest house, volunteers all joined in to celebrate the festival. It was very nice. The girls enjoyed it very much, the graduates kept distance and let the new ones come ahead.Dear friends of our family for a few years have come from Holland to spend a few days with us at the guest house, Mr. and Mrs. Vonk.

Grand Mother is not feeling very well, the doctor has given quite a number of medicines and especially salt deficiency. Mumy is recovering, Mukta and Mumy did a pilgrimage of a few different family sect temples on International Women Day.

Shakti is getting into property dealing business as a broker. It is good that he has started to keep himself busy.
I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and please read soon.

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