Friday, April 03, 2009

April Begining ,Family and the Guest House

Khamaghani Dear Readers,


Grand Ma was very unwell and we almost lost her due to her going into dehydration and not talking about her pains etc, I couldn’t bare her pain she is going through anymore and told her I cant let her give up so easily and finally gave up her patience of dieing and called the doctor. She is doing better, has started to talk again, but still on water bed.

Mumy is doing better everyday with memory etc but still weak and pains in her body(especially her arms) she is recovering and is more fun than ever before, she jokes about everything and in her breaking language (child like) jokes about almost everything around.

Margret left for Switzerland and My God Mother Christine came from France for a week, it was soo nice to see her 2 years after. We introduced her to all what happened in our lives in the last two years including, she seemed impressed.

My dear friend Ms.Jacqueline came from the USA for few weeks, we hang out together ,went to Pizza hut, Indian movie etc, it was Fun, Ms.Jacqueline really admired what Sambhali is doing and showed interest in joining the board of Advisors.

Friends Jan and Wies also left for this year, they were with us for Holi, Francisco and Chloe also left for their further travels to South of India.

Mukta and Ayush are doing well, Shakti is busy with the property broker business,

My father in law gave me a old car(ambassador) I got it repaired and fixed, wow it looks like a ream car. Will post the picture soon.

Recently I was invited by my friend Deepak in Delhi to witness wills lifestyle, India Fashion week in Delhi, It was impressive to see all this glamour off screen and the plastic people. It was a good experience but frankly speaking been there and done that.

Not just delhi , a cousine of mine participated at this glamour show called Gladrags, he couldn’t make it to the 5 finalists but was awarded as Mr. Elegant, Mumbai was a short trip but it was interesting, tooo many people, tooo much noise, nobody cares no one life, amazing, Jodhpur is maybe 25 years behind this city and I am sooooo glad we live 25 years behind this impersonal city.

My cousin asked me if I have seen Sea (beach) ,I smiled and replied yes!! On Discovery channel.

Guest House:-

Besides long term guest and volunteers from Sambhali, very less tourist are passing by, the next 3 months will be very low business and very hot.

Already the sand storms are filling sand in the house and power cuts when sand starts blowing. Soon the time will come when we will move the birds cage under the cooler, the plants pots in shade, and all the sari curtains would be removed for 3 months. It is pitty but that every year we have to do it to keep everything more clean by moving them from the courtyard to the corners.

We are planning to raise the long term guest price from 6000rps a month to 7000rps a month from July 2009. For the 6000rps a month it was not very easy with the monthly budgeting.

With my friend Smita ,I went to the Kaga Fair in Jodhpur , it is celebrated for praising Godess Sheetla Mata to save people from chicken pox etc, I went to this traditional fair and bought some clay toys to decorate the guest house. Some impressions from the fair. We also met with some Sex workers ,they are now working with an NGO in Jodhpur.It was very impressive.

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