Friday, May 22, 2009

I think the thought of helping GLBT is Ending on my end!

GLBT, GLBT, GLBT ………… (Gays, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and transgender)

Never again!

Since the first GLBT meet up failed very badly because of the insecurity amongst the joining members, they were scared of coming out to a place publicly, since than I figured out to go to a cruising area where I could have met some more people who could have come to the next GLBT meet up. I covered my face and went out to this place at around 2 pm in the afternoon, I walked a little while and could not see anybody ahead or behind me until I saw two tall boys with covered faces coming towards me from distance, this place is not far from my home and is situated at some railway tracks, the boys started to stare at me and one after a while walked towards me and asked me what I was doing there, I said I was waiting for a friend, he said they don’t think I am here to see a friend but there for some other reason(seeking sex or something), instd of making it more complicated or something I explained them what I was there for, and to my surprise the other guy also walked over and insisted I took my face cover away, I did as requested, they said that they are there for beating people up who are GLBT and I was there to help them, I got shocked and little scared because there was nobody around I could call for help.

They started talking to me about how they have tortured men over there before and what bad they could do to me. They made me sit on some rock and asked me several questions about me and wished me to give them some money or they would not let me go and beat me up. I was soo frightened that I could not talk, I did not carry any money on me , they saw me with my ear rings(gold) a hand bracelet(silver) and asked me to take them off and hand them over to them. I had no choice and I did as asked, than I was asked to stand up, I did as asked , they checked my pockets and got their hand on my mobile phone, they said they wanted to see what it was and this time I was standing towards the path to this place, I turned around and started to walk, the boys started to follow me and kept on threatening me that they would hurt me and they wont let me go out of there so easy like this, I walked faster and pretended I was calling somebody for help, the guys turned around and started running away, I was so relived that they ran away.

Worst time of my life, I will never forget this incident, I was sooo scared that I was shivering, this people in poverty and no access to the material world, could have harmed me with knife or any such thing I could notice they had.

I am happy and thankful to the God and my Guardian angels that nothing that harmful happened to me and that I came back home safe, they could have done worse to me, I am still shocked from the horrifying stories they were telling me of what they do to GLBT people coming to this place for cruising.

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