Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my cousin's marriage !

Khamaghani Dear Readers,Check Spelling


My first cousin (my father’s older brother’s son) living next door got married on this 17th of June.

myself-my cousin sister(Hanu)-the groom(my cousin brother,Bhanu)-Shakti and our youngest cousin Chotu

In the picture above are my first cousin's and myself, the only one missing in the picture is our Aunty's son.

Everybody from my father’s side were invited and were there celebrating from the 14th of June , since the celebrations started lunar calendar vise, we went with about 60 people 450 kilometers away from Jodhpur for the marriage ceremony at the bride’s home near Jhunjhunu town. The bride’s side are from a different area then our in western rajasthan, hospitality, dialects and accents were a big problem for a lot of us (their accent is little harsh), anyways the family went out of their way for us the groom’s side to have as much comfort as possible.

Grand ma is doing well and is recovering from the lungs infection, Mumy and Mukta are well,in the marriage they wore very nice clothes that my designed by my friend Kamlesh .Ayush had great fun meeting many of his second and third cousins at the different parties for the marriage.

All our long term guest and volunteers were invited at the different occasions.

Ladies performing the rajputi folk dance on the first day of the marriage ceremony which started 3 days before the groom going to the bride's house to bring her to his home and make all the marriage ceremony.

The Dholi Caste musicians,present to praise the pride rajput men and women by singing folk songs ( they take all the money which is rotated over the heads of people at the ceremonies ,this procedure takes all the evil (bad eye) from the person with the bribe(money) goes to the musicians, the superstition says that these dholi("untouchables",Dalit)people has no harm in taking evil from the people in the ceremony.

We invited groom and all the guest at Dinner at our home(as per tradition, groom or bride are invited with their guest for dinner at their relatives)

Volunteers at sambhali and other long term guest at dinner

Male members of the family ,having some drinks before dinner on the terrace

Ladies from the family performing folk dance

Groom and some other members of the family dancing with Ibittsam(volunteer with sambhali)

My aunty and her husband, they live in Jaislmer, the couple is rarely seen dancing together,as men and women do not interact in public

My aunty offering , my friend virendra some whiskey

Mumy,Pintu(one of the managers at the guest house)with shakti's friend's wife.

Groom's mother with young male members of the family ,which is legal ;)

My Aunty

Groom and Mother

My first cousin from Jaislmer(aunty's son) his daughter's traditional dressed

Mukta getting ready for the ceremony (2nd day)before groom went to the bride's house, power cut, in candle light, i thought i would share this picture.

Mother of the Groom at a ceremony of departure, giving blessings to her son by breast feeding, this ceremony means that bringing new lady in the family he should not forget the love his mother has for him and that he is still her child.

last bachelor bite from mother

On the way to the bride's house, i took some road side impressions.

Bride's house- bride's family in front of the groom, making prayers and welcoming ceremony

A dancing horse, in front of the grooms procession

Bride's mother welcoming the groom

Dinner organized by the bride's family for the grooms family and friend

My cousin and myself


After the marriage ceremony, groom coming out of the bride's house with the bride.

on return to Jodhpur, a massive dinner was organised for the family and friends from the groom's side

my father's older brother and myself, welcoming guest at the party on the main door to the venue

Bride with Groom's mother(

My cousin(groom's sister)

All the married ladies of our family and groom's mother side(mukta 3rd from left ,in pink veil)

Shakti, Ayush and Myself

Well i dont know what you think of this picture, but i had to put myself into these for the wedding, it was soooo hot!

We invited the groom and his family, about 40 members for wine and dine one night, we has music arranges, same night we has horrible sand storm that nobody has ever seen or hear of, at 6.00pm it was sooo dark and loud that hardly anybody could see or hear, trees fall down , some people, animals and birds died .

Also something very quickly happened, those who know of my beautician aunties, the younger one got married (arranged) with a wonderful man living in Jaipur on the 8th of June, it was all done very quietly, and the husband didn’t want much pomp and show

Everyday it is hot and stormy, crazy, I must admit.

Sambhali Trust:

What shall I write, I am nervous, I am excited, I am shopping like a crazy maniac, well I have proposed Ma’am Ernestine few months back if I could come to Austria with her help to make a presentation of Sambhali for Soziale Initiative (our partner NGO in Austria), it is like dream coming true for me to represent Sambhali on an International platform, I didn’t know this whole will happen soo quickly and I got invited, I have a visa and a plane ticket. I will leave India on the 25 early in the morning for Zurich where Margret will pick me up and take me to Linz where we stay till the 30th, on this day we leave for Tyrol and stay there for a night to break our journey to Biel, Maxi has invited us over for dinner and most probably some guest who have joined Rajput cultural adventures trips, same night after dinner we go to Margaret’s home and on the 2nd July we go to make a presentation for the commission of Basel in Switzerland.

With the blessings of friends, family and especially our participants I will be able to do this presentation and I must say that without the help of all volunteers sambhali would not have come to this level.

Some of my very dear international family members and friend besides Mr and Mrs. Jansen and Mr and Mrs. Vonk and few others busy with work are coming to attend the presentation. I am soo much looking forward to this get together so that they can all get to know each other . I am looking forward to stand on this platform to speak about Sambhali and for bringing Sambhali some publicity. Please pray god that I don’t make any mistake because for the first time I am making something like this. Please wish me luck.

Some First Impression reports from our volunteers

Ms. Surabhi- Setrawa Project

Mr. Ahsan- Jodhpur Project

Ms. Ibittsam- Jodhpur Project

Ms. Karen –Jodhpur Project

Durag Niwas Guest House:

Not many guest and not many reservations like last year and hopefully the tourism will pick up later in July. We built a small closed water outlet around the courtyard so that when it rains the water can go under ground to the water outlet of the house, now we have enough place for everybody to sit when its raining on the ground floor in the lobby.

Rajput Cultural Adventures:

No guest at for the tours this October trip, I hope after my trip to Austria and Switzerland I will be able to promote the work, but Maxi and Margret has proposed me guest for a trip in 2010, I wish to operate one this year when maxi is not coming to be little bit more independent and experience leading group on my own.


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