Monday, July 27, 2009

July End - Press conference and Durag Niwas news

Graduates Farewell and Sambhali Trust's first press conference!

Media from Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Partika and Dainik Navjyoti:

Addressing Media and replying to a lot of questions

Soniya Speaking about her experiance with Sambhali Jodhpur Project: I am proud to be part of the Sambhali Trust, it has made many of my dreams come true, i will be now son to my mother and will be able to take independent decisions.

Monica speaking about her experience with the literacy program. I dont know where would i have been, if i would not have come to sambhali, sambhali has put me in school, now i dont have to give up my school for my younger brother because it is not paid by my family, I am happy that i can attend a school and can make difference in my and my family's life.
Tammana Ji, our Jodhpur project teacher, sharing her views with the press about her experience working with the graduates and the Trust. I can not believe the change that has taken place in the attitude of the girls in such a short span of time, I am very happy that I have seen the change and have had the first hand experiance on the development of the Sambhali Trust and its projects.

In Pictures Monica and Deepika

Standing from left -Monica, Soniya, Deepika, Pooja, Lajwanti
Sitting from left - Savita and Suneeta

Monica and Soniya


Monican and Pooja (munching on Samosa)


Savita and Lajwanti
From left - Lajwanti -Anita -in arms Deepika -Suneeta and far right Pooja

Durag Niwas Guest House:
Not many guest this year like last year in this season, but the guest house is running well with the long term guests, the house has new decorations. The roof will be setup with sari curtains soon once the rainy season is over in a months time.
Mumy and Grand Ma are well, Mukta and Ayush have returned from her sister's home, 30 hours train journey in one way. Shakti is well, and I am doing allright, I am sad that the Graduates are leaving soon, the two sewing centers have to be set up for the graduates so that they can start to earn their living, have to hire a lady who could manage the sewing centers for some weeks before the girls (graduates) can really take care of the responsbility, have to look for a place where we can esteblish Sambhali India Shop, Ms. Corinne Rose has come to help me with this from UK for one year, The Service learning trip is coming from USA with 14 american students, they will live in Setrawa for a long time with the local village families, a lot of brain storming for me. I look forward to that.
Please read some more news soon in the month of August.

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