Sunday, August 30, 2009

30th of August


Mumy is doing well, started to return to her life that her body gave up almost a year ago in October 2008, we are very happy about it and pray god for all the best that can happen to Mumy’s recovery, Grand ma is doing well also, we have a lady who looks after mumy and grand ma in the day hours, she is full of stories, she keeps both the ladies entertained.

Mukta and Ayush are well, Just amazing how children grow, when I think about ayush’s birth day 4 and half year ago, when I recall my memories, it is as if he is born yesterday, the time flies, soo soon children grow up, he talks and talks, it is easy to get into conversations with him and hard to stop him :)

Shakti, my little brother is fine, I think we both are getting matured from our experiences and have started to understand the bonds we have being brothers, he is becoming reasonably responsible for the family and listens carefully.

After a lot of problems with the mechanic,finally the car is out, i love this car,i hope you like it too

Late Monsoon has hit the hot climate of Jodhpur, it is wonderful, weather is soo nice besides little humid, it is green every where.

I could not finish my pilgrimage, people I walked with would walk a lot of distance in one day, they were taking all kinds of dr*gs to walk faster and longer distance, somehow virendra and I could do 65kilometers in 14 hours, we both were so tired that gave up, we went on ahead with a vehicle and did our prayers in temple and returned. For apologies to lord Ramdev ji for not finishing my promise I had arranged a night chanting ceremony, we invited four ladies to come and pray whole night, it was soo nice to hear these women sing.

Guest House:

Few long term guest and other guest passing by Jodhpur staying for a night or two, it is running well, we have started construction to build the roof for the Sambhali Trust on first floor where we had the thatched roof, I have placed a lot of plants in the courtyard and have bought some nice old furniture, the guest house looks very cozy and comfy, we hope when the season restarts in October we will have nice , friendly and plenty of guests.

Before Construction

A day before the construction

Sambhali Trust:

New batch of girls are enjoying their time interacting with the teacher and the volunteers, they are having wonderful time at the project, and the graduates are busy stitching materials for Corinne so that Sambhali India will have enough ready materials to sell when it is setup.

I have employed Ajay Singh, he is assisting me with looking after the office work, he goes out does stuff for me when I am occupied with other activities at the trust, he is of help but has to learn a lot.

UNICEF has a meeting on Child marriage issue on 31st of August and we have been invited by the government to participate In the meeting, it is a big honor and priviledge, in former meeting with the UNICEF I met with the officers, they called me the other day and shows interest in visiting our projects after the meeting, I look forward to it and will keep sharing with you the news on it.

The Service learning trip(SLT) from the Standford University is doing wonderful, the students have come up with some amazing ideas to help the Setrawa village at large, it includes women and girls health workshops, eye, dental and physician doctors will come for medical aid camps.

Workshop on SHG(self held group) FSD will help us a good motivator who works with other SHG’s to come to Setrawa and help women know more about the self help group and the benefits from it.

The other project is to choose one boy and one girl elected by the students of the government senior school and make them responsible student leaders of the school, so that they Sambhali could be a platform for them to share their problems and with medium of Sambhali all the students can get their voice heard by the government officials and making some plantation in school.

The last project is clean village campaign and placing dustbins around Setrawa village, this would be done with the help of villager’s involvement.

The reports from these interns from SLT will be online on the website soon.

Thanks for your time in reading this report, all the best.

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