Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21st October 2009

Khamaghani Dear Readers,

Forgot to add in my last post that Virendra got blessed by a baby boy, his name is Pyush, just like Ayush.

The construction has finished for the new room we got built for the sambhali Jodhpur project, the doors and windows are up, the bathroom is ready; it is also painted blue, like Jodhpur.

Our friend Ms. Ernestine Badegruber from Soziale Initiative in Linz, Austria is coming to jodhpur for few days with friends, she is our guest of honor and will inaugurate the new building of Sambhali Jodhpur project, our volunteers and participants worked hard with cleaning and preparing the new building to be ready to welcome our first guest since the building in finish and ready to be used.

Mumy and Grand ma are doing well, Ayush has holidays from school, Shakti is happy, Mukta, Myself, Bunty, Pintu we all are just fine, It was Mumy’s birthday, we all sat together and had mumy cut the cake, Grand ma also joined, we brought her to the courtyard, she doesn’t come out of her room anymore.

At the Mawar festival of Jodhpur to attract more tourist to Jodhpur, we took two of lady guest to participate in the show for foreign ladies in Rajasthani dress costume(our guest came first, like last 5 years our guest have been coming first in this competition)

we have done a lot of d├ęcor at the guest house courtyard, lots of plants etc but we are sad that there are not many guest like other years in this time of the year. We bought old wooden furniture for the courtyard.

I have lotus growing in the little fountain area in the center of the courtyard. The leaves have started to come and soon we will have lotus growing in there.

Maharanai room

Sambhali Jodhpur and Setrawa project are doing well, at my presentation in Basel this year in July, I had met quickly with a lady who was working with women travelers to India or something, It was such a short meeting that I couldn’t get much of her introduction, she works with a well known agent in India (Sita), she has four ladies visit our trust’s Jodhpur project and both the sewing centers, they were very happy to see our projects and passionate people behind its success. we had our guest Honor our new participant Sangeeta to be our new leader of the participant and present her with a sewing maschine.

We are working hard with the preparation of UNICEF program proposal to work with us on child marriage prevention issue and the Kuoni destination management who wants to bring us GAP year program participants to volunteer as a group at Setrawa project, I have sent them the proposal and hopefully they will like it.

Ms Margret Nobs(family friend) and Ms. Ruth Engler(participant of Rajput cultural adventure trip I made in 2008 with Mr.Max) and now have come back to jodhpur to volunteer at the Sambhali Trust.

Ms. Margret and Ms. Ruth visiting, my friend Virendra's baby(in the picture, virendra's wife, Mrs. Nirmala holding the baby, Ms. Ruth and Ms. Margret)

We applied for the FCRA permission(Foreign contribution regulation act )given by the RBI(reserve bank of India) and the respected Home Ministry to the NGO’s to legally accept foreign money in March 2007 and 12 government departments have made evaluation accordingly but 20 days back I received a letter that their procedure has changed and we need to re apply on their website, well disappointed with the delays but all this time when we were waiting for the FCRA permission we learnt a lot about the Government and its interesting ways.

Celebration Diwali on the 17th of October.Our family, our guest we celebrated with lots of joy.

Mukta and Mumy
Mukta, all nicely dressed
outside our home, playing with fire crackers
Durag Niwas, our home, on Diwali with our guest.
Mukta and Myself
Ms. Margret with other guest making prayer ceremony with us
oil lamps around the house for decoration on Diwali

Thank you for taking your time in reading this blog.

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