Saturday, October 24, 2009

22nd October 2009

The new building is ready and now we have two big rooms for the jodhpur project, we requested Ms. Ernestine Badegruber of Soziale Initiative to do us a favor by inaugurating(22nd October) the building for us to use and also to make an Evaluation on our projects (Jodhpur project, setrawa project and the two sewing centers) these reports are for our friends around the globe as a third party evaluation.

Ms. Ernestine came with Husband, Mr. Joseph Badegruber and four other friends; they visited our projects and were happy with the new experience and impressions.

Welcome ceremony of the group with our friend Ms.Ernestine Badegruber at the Durag Niwas Guest House
Welcome of Ms. Ernestine Badgeruber and group of friends and Inauguration of the new building at the Jodhpur project

Ms.Ernestine and Group visit to our setrawa village vocational training project

Dinner at Uncle's house next door to our house in Setrawa village, group with Ms. Ernestine Badegruber stayed at night.
My father's cousin(uncle) in yellow turban and the tribal man

Stars from the roof of our house in Setrawa village
Ms. Ernestine Badegruber's visit to the Sewing Centers

Graduates in front of the new building in Jodhpur project
Our Two volunteers from Switzerland, volunteering with us from 8th of October till 8th of December .....
Ms. Ruth Engler

First Impression Report Ms.Ruth Engler Oct. 17, 2009

After getting to know the Sambhali project last November during a trip through Rajasthan I came back to Jodhpur as a
volunteer to teach the girls of Sambhali English. I arrived on Oct. 8 together with another volunteer from

Although Govind had told us a few things about Sambhali Trust last year and we had met the girls I did not really know
what to expect and how I was supposed to teach. What worried me a bit was the fact that there were no volunteers in
Jodhpur at the moment and I would not be able to sit in a class to watch or talk to other volunteers who already had
some experience. My question was also: would the girls accept an elderly woman after having had young volunteers
before? But the warm and friendly welcome at Durag Niwas Guesthouse made me feel quite confident.

I expected that after arrival we would have some time to relax and get used to things. Wrong guess! 10 min. after
arriving Govind asked me to give an interview to two television people who were in the house. 15 min. later we were
called to the first meeting with Govind and so it went on for the rest of the day! So our first but also the following
days were quite busy: meetings, visits, reading a lot of documentation and of course working with the girls in class.
Towards the end of the week things got more relaxed and we had 4 days off for Diwali Festival.

Margrit, the other volunteer, and I were also present when a delegation of 4 Swiss women from "Women Travel" visited
Sambhali project. They were very impressed by what is done here.

Friday when we met the Sambhali girls in their class the first time I had the impression that some of the girls were
looking at us rather suspiciously, but we soon found their confidence and felt definitively accepted after joining them
in their Indian dancing. They tried to teach us - of course much too fast for us elderly ladies! - and were so amused
when they saw what difficulties we had! We had a good laugh together and "the ice was broken" as we say in German. It
was really fun! They call me "Nani" which means grandmother. Yes I am a grandmother of 3 lovely grandchildren.

On Monday I started teaching English. Of course the classroom and the material they have here cannot be compared with
our classrooms. Everything seems so simple to us, but they have the ability to work, play games etc. with simple
methods and little aid, that is great!

The first week was not normal teaching. Govind wanted me to take it easy by playing, singing and dancing to give the
girls and myself time to get used to each other. I immediately got the impression that the girls were very eager to
learn as well in Margrit's knitting class as in the English. How much they enjoyed the song "if you are happy ...". Of
course it is not easy to communicate as the girls who have only been here since August know little or no English, but
by gestures, facial expressions and with the help of the two friendly teachers Tamanna and Damyanti I could make myself

Within a week I made so many new experiences and got such a lot of new impressions, it is unbelievable! After such a
short time I already feel very comfortable and part of Sambhali and Govind's guesthouse. Now I am looking forward to
next week when the real teaching starts.

Ms.Margret Nobs
Our New office in Jodhpur
Room Category'b' in Durag Niwas
Courtyard at Durag Niwas
Maharani room at Durag Niwas
lobby(first floor)

Roof Top-Sari curtained, cushioned floor area

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