Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 2009

Khamaghani Dear Readers,

I hope you are having good time this December and making lots of celebrations, we all are fine and the family is happy and healthy.

Would like to share some impressions this time.

Girls of Jodhpur project making a Muriel on the wall with the help of Ms. Mary Quagliata

Payal sewing center and the Jodhpur project together
(we joined both the projects for this Saturday's sports day at the place outside our Office)
we made two different games of Santoliya and Kho Kho, it was great that all the girls got to meet each other.
Ms. Manju Mehta, Administrator/Motivator of the Sheerni Project we have started in Setrawa village, Ms. Mehta is a new team member of our trust, Sheerni project is helping to empower women of Setrawa village with the formation of Self Help Groups, Our target is to make 6 groups of women with 10-14 women in each group in one year for two years program.
We will make a lot of art and craft workshops, health camps and everything related to the three motives of our trust, Self-Esteem, Independence and Unity of our participants.
Meeting in Setrawa with the Sheerni project participants and Introduction of Ms. Manju Mehta on the 22.12.09
Ms. Fiona of UK with friends came to Durag Niwas for high tea and joined me for a polo match.

We celebrated my Aunty's birthday at our home with all the near dear ones, my aunt turned 50yrs old and just after her birth grand father bought our house where we live and Durag Niwas is situated.
Men of the family( My aunty's son, My cousin preparing bar be que Chicken in his style)
My aunty's daughter in law on right-mukta in center and My cousin next door's wife on the left
We also carried Grand ma to the roof where we were celebrating the birthday of Aunty. she was soo happy to be there with the family.
My father's elder brother(my uncle from next door) with my aunt on right(living in Jaislmer) and my second aunt on left who we treat like our real Aunt, she is very nice(owner of the H*otel H*aveli)
Mumy in the middle and other ladies of the family
Ladies of the family
Cousin greeting and giving present to the birthday lady
My Aunt and myself
Few children of the family
I was invited by Kaman Art gallery sponsored Sewing seed program of artists in sir village as one of the guests. welcoming girls above and i was asked to give speech to the villagers.

Villagers of Sir Village!
The Dragoman group came this time to visit the Sambhali Trust but didnt stay with us, instd stayed at some home stay(i dont know how to define a home stay)
Sambhali girls, performing dance, we did a lot of games this day. A good cultural exchange.
While going to see polo match i invited the dragoman group to come and witness the game as well. the group on the pavilion.

Polo Game and trophy's
Polo game
Ms. Nobs in her traditional attire and myself on our way back from polo.

Playing badminton on our street at night.

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