Sunday, January 03, 2010

Pictures of New Year celebration and Before!!

Khamaghani Dear Readers, Happy New year from Jodhpur, The last year was Nice and we hope that god and friends blessings would bless us next year 2010 and ahead as well.
This New Year eve i was invited by my Aunt in Jaislmer and therefore my friend Virendra and Myself planned on going to Jaislmer for a night and we invited over Corinne, one of our long term guest, a gentleman from Sweden, Mr. Anders and a guest Anna. We went to Aunty's for a night and celebrated New year with her family and their other guest invited.

Sports day with the Payal Sewing center and Jodhpur project participants.

Mural Ms. Mary Quagliata planned and implemented at the Jodhpur project building.

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