Friday, February 12, 2010

February 2010

Khamaghani Dear Readers,
Month of February started with the thermal shock, winter going and coming, Guest coming and going, No volunteers from March.
We are in serious need of volunteers.
Family is well, we had Mukta's birthday, we celebrated with the family.
We are putting Ayush into a English Medium Private school, most votes were for this school.
we have two options, the Raj Mata Krishna Kumari school until 5th standard or the Happy hours school. Both the schools are near our home and English medium.
Few days ago i read an article in the news paper if the NGO's wanted to work with the government to model 10 of their best Self help groups, these groups were created by the Government under the Priyadarshini adarsh sahayata samuh scheme.
I thought i will speak to the officials of women and child development in Jodhpur and gave them a proposal. Out of all NGO's who applied for this partnership, we succeeded and now we have privilege to work with the government for the first time.
We were invited to come to Jaipur to give a presentation on 4th of February in front of Honorable Ms. Sarita Singh, Secretary to Women Development (Mahila Adhikarita) in Rajasthan.
We won everybody's heart there and were well appreciated, we will now work until August2010 with the Government of Rajasthan to work with 10 Self help groups of Jodhpur district.
We will motivate them to be united, socially active, learn some work, team building etc.
we are excited for this partnership.

Presentation in Jaipur
Mukta's Birthday

Ma'am Jacquelien de chollet's visit to the Payal Sewing center on the 9th Feb
Thats all for now, please keep yourself updated with the updates in the website of Sambhali trust and the news on the blog.

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