Monday, March 15, 2010

Mid March full of Feasts, Guests, Meetings and Ceremonies!!

Mid of March 2010 has been full of guest, meetings, seminars, etc, it was nice meeting soo many interesting people from all the corners of the world from different working back grounds, it was also nice to meet friends who came back like Mrs. Ernestine Badegruber, Alison and Kieth. I have some pictures from Sambhali trust that i would like to share with all of yourself.

Family: Mukta has started to study again this year to finish her graduation, it required a lot of motivation, she is now at her father's home. Ayush is with me, he has to go to school everyday, it is for the first time he has lived away from his mother, he is doing fine, some evenings he wants to talk to Mukta on phone, It has also given me time to know him better and for him to know his father, i am very proud of Ayush and i hope he is proud of me....
Grand ma has recovered from her painful sickness, the winter is gone, the Autumn is nice and smooth, it is getting warmer everyday. Grand ma can not walk anymore. Mumy is doing well, she has become very cheeky since her stroke, we are happy she is back amongst us.
It was very painful when the doctor brought me her jewelery and clothes after her stroke when she was in ICU at the hospital. the journey for the foundation of our home mumy and grand ma for the last year was very bad and critical, it is unbelievable for a lot of people here with their recovery, we are proud of Mukta's dedicated service to her grand mother in law and mother in law and prayers of our friends here and overseas.e got the birth calendar made again, we lost it, we will match it with his wife's birth calendar, we are looking for a bride for him, we will engage him soon and set him off to marry the lady we will choose for his life time. We have asked all our cousins and family to help us choose a nice woman who can adjust in our family and give respect to elders and love to the youngers.

Virendra, my best friend, with his son Piyush Raj Singh Chouhan, a Proud father
Tamanna teaching art and craft in her theory class
Girls coloring their English Alphabet wall(Jodhpur empowerment project)
Girls sketching in Setrawa project
Class room in Setrawa

On the 6th of March, Mr and Mrs Hugh Jervis came to visit the organization and joined us for the staff meeting, every 15 days all the staff related to Sambhali trust sit together and have a staff meeting for evaluating our work, discussions and the projects.

On 6th of March 2010, we were invited by Mrs. Susheela Bohra of Sambal Sansthan, a landmark of women empowerment, Mrs. Bohra has given a lot for the Empowerment of women, the day was celebraated to provide materials related to the women of Sambal Sansthan for their income generating program, I would like to share some pictures with our supporters from this day.

On the 8th of March 2010, we were invited by the Women and Child Development Department of the District at a women empowerment get together for the international women day, our Advisory board member Mrs. Ernestine Badegruber of Linz in Austria was one of the chief guest, I was also given Honor to speak about the women in Indian Society and the situation of women in Indian society today. We all staff went to attend the seminar. It was a good learning experiance for all.

9th of March 2010, Dragoman Group visited with 15 guest and 2 crew members, we welcomed them at the Jodhpur project, guest had lunch with our girls, we had soo much fun dancing, singing, playing sports together, we dance for them and guest also performed dance for us,it was a nice day full of fun, our girls and we felt honored and thankful for this cultural exchange.

On the 12th of this month, i received a phone call followed by a letter from one organization called Apurva Society, they were hosting a conference to bring women together to support the women reservation bill of the government, we were also invited, i thought why dont we take all the Sambhali Jodhpur project participants and decided we shall go and support the reservation bill conference as women empowerment rally. it was nice experiance for our girls, we were welcomed by some very honorable ladies of the city, Soniya and Monica spoke about their life and their experiance as Dalits and girls in the society.

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