Saturday, October 09, 2010

September post!!

Khamaghani my Dear friends,
September was very quite with guests at the guest house, family is doing fine, lots of nice volunteers at the moment at Sambhali Trust.
I would like to add some pictures for September post so that you can have some impression of the life here.
Below some pictures from our garden

I dont know which planet was following the moon one night? it was beautiful! Below
My Lion and myself in the picture below

Usha, one of the graduates got a sewing machine to take home forever, it was given so that she can finish making products for the boutique after the working hours at the sewing center of the graduates.(income generating scheme)
Ayush with a grasshopper, it took me a while for him to let it sit of his hand.
Market Linkage program for the participants of the Priyadarshini Adarsh Self Help Group Project of the state government Sambhali is looking after for 2009-2010.The last step of the program!

Lassi carrier, come to Durag niwas everyday froma village near by to sell Lassi which we use as a refreshing drink and cooking traditional Rajasthani curries.
Baalwadi kids and myself.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures, more reports and pics i will post for the October post! I was very late for this update. Hope to be regular to keep everyone up to date!!

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