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October - Mid November 2010

Khamaghani Dear Readers,
Mukta is working very hard in the guest house with our managers and staff and due to the Sambhali i am not able to give much time at the guest house instd put more efforts in the reservations. Shakti my younger brother will be getting engaged on the 8th of December 2010. Grand ma and Mumy are fine and are enjoying themselves with the acupressure therapy everyday with a relaxation massage. Some doctor suggested this for them to have good blood circulations due to not walking and moving around much.
My Uncle Malam Singh ji passed away in July, the last day of his death ceremony happened few days ago in our ancestral village Setrawa and i was given the turban of my family.

Durag Niwas Guest House:-
Lots of tourists passing Jodhpur and some landing at our guest house as guest and some as tourists. Everybody has been enjoying the guest house very much. It has been pleasure in having lots of guest at home. We have hosted our friends again from Austria, Otti, Ilse and Ernestine and Sigrid from Australia with a promise to be able to host them again. It was nice to even celebrate Diwali with them and other fasts, feasts and ceremonies.
We have had gypsies come over to perform dance, we were able to host one big group of Foreigners who stayed with us for few days before heading to live with local families in Jodhpur and work with some local NGO's as interns.

Mukta and Bunty's son Daksh

Ernestine and myself
Otti, Pia, myself and Ilse at RIFF 2010 at Mehrangarh Fort
RIFF 2010Ayush making prayer on Diwali!
Diwali prayer in the evening at home
Ernestine and Ilse burning some incense
Ernestine and Sigrid burning lamps on Diwali
Umaid bhawan palace by night from the rood
Fort by night from the roof
Random picture
Mukta and myself after a ceremony on Karwa Chouth
Mukta, Otti, Pia, Sarah and myself on karwa Choth(long day fast until the moon rise for the long of husband )

Sambhali Trust:-
Congratulations everyone, we have been given the permission of FCRA (Foreign contribution regulation act certificate) this month by the Home Ministry of India. We are now able to legally accept foreign contribution in our organization's bank account in Jodhpur. We have already submitted proposals for finding grants and sponsors around the globe. More information is available on our website.
New and interesting first impressions are available on our website from our present volunteers.
The Sheerni self help group program is running very good and so are the empowerment centers.
We have given the result of our Government funded project (Priyadarshini Adarsh Self Help Group Program) .Our Government project manager at the market stall created by us in Jaipur for the self help groups visited by chief guest, Minister of Women and Child Development and Tourism of our state Rajasthan, Respected Ms. Bina Kak
Our second stall in Jodhpur on the occasion of the coalition between the village communal leaders and the government departments on the village level. Our organization and the government project represented of the stalls of the women and child development department on the district level, chief guest Respected Sh. Rajendra Pareek, Minister for Industries, Government of Rajasthan.

We have moved Sambhali Setrawa Empowerment Center to a new building, a bigger one. Here we can also conduct the Sheerni Project meetings

Rajput Cultural Adventures:-
12th November till 5th December 2010 22 days trip through Delhi-Rajasthan-Agra. Mr. Maurice one of our guest from 2008 year is coming back on the trip and the trip is accompanied by Mr. Max Lehmann.

Some Random Pictures below:-

New Sambhali School in Setrawa village below

Sambhali trust team in October 2010
Sambhali participants of Setrawa
Sambhali participants of Setrawa
I hope to keep you updated with the latest more often next time.
Thank you for taking your time in reading my blog.

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