Monday, December 06, 2010

November 2010

Dear Readers,
November-December for me has been good and bad. We had lovely 6 Swiss guest and 1 German guest on our Maxi group trip with our dear friend Max. Virendra, my friend joined me for few days and due to accident(breaking his leg) he could not join on our expedition.
I would like to share some pictures with yourselves. I hope you enjoy it.

Sambhali Trust has been fine with lots of volunteers, Planet Wheeler Foundation has been generous, we have linked us with Global Giving website for more funding attention and Looking forward to agreement with Basel Commission Stadt in Switzerland for their generous contribution.

If you are able to help us please help by supporting us here
We dont have many days to proof our credibility.

Durag Niwas is running well.

Family is doing good and are preparing for Shakti's engagement ceremony.

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