Tuesday, January 11, 2011

December 2010- January 2010

Dear Readers,
I hope you had good holidays, Christmas and wishing you the best for new year.
The month of December have been wonderful.
Shakti, my brother got engaged on the 8th of December. We had celebration at home. All my family, friends, relatives from Jodhpur and our ancestral village Setrawa were here.

By God Ganesha's blessings the wedding is fixed for 25th of March 2011.

Sambhali Trust:-
We are in process to make the Sheerni self help group project participate in administrative activities. Setrawa village was hosting the "Administration in village" program from the government. Our ladies participated and also demonstrated against the behavior of the UCO bank manager Mr. Meena. He is soo bad to our ladies and doesnt understand the concept of self help group program. He would not give a single cent to the Sheerni self help group as credit not even to buy a single goat. In January we decided to make self help groups in Jodhpur under Sheerni self help group.

Workshop for five days for the Sheerni project's two self help groups in Jodhpur. The workshop was about teaching the women paper making products. The workshop was funded by the Women and child development

Sambhali Boutique has been extended into two rooms now. The interior is painted in four different colors. Corinne is taking good care of the boutique
Flowers on our door
Durag Niwas exterior
Deneb Cheung's Chinese knotting jewelery for two weeks

Ayush and myself on fair wheel
Introduction with the government project run by our organization for the second year 2010-2011. Priyadarshini Adarsh Self help group.
We are giving our best but the women of these 10 self help groups are not motivated and not interested in self help group project or its concept

State's Department of Women and Child Development's officials coming to visit our government funded self help group project of 2009-2010

City's department of women and child development discusing with our team about the government fudned self help group project for 2010-2011 and also visited the graduates income generating sewing center followed by the Sambhali Boutique

Chilly got blesses by 5 puppies
Now we know the parents of the caterpillars on the lemon tree on our door

My friend Virendra's son Piyush
Our new product of the year, a camel!
Kids who do not go to school living in Setrawa village and are children of our Sheerni self help group are coming to the Setrawa empowerment center for brushing their teeth, bathing, learning basic reading and writing.

Jodhpur like every year hosted the handicraft fair, we were given two stalls there, one was funded by the women and child development for our women of the government funded self help group project and the second stall was given to us for two days by the F.V.T.R.S (Functional Vocational Training and Research Society). Followed by a seminar for the women on importance of micro-industries and for motivating the women for starting businesses on grass-roots level. Our projects in Jodhpur participated in the seminar

Some more impressions of the organization, Our staff interviewed for solar eclipse

Our eldest participant at the Jodhpur Empowerment center, Laxmi
Girl making a tree hanging camel at the payal empowerment center
Anita at the Jodhpur empowerment center learned metal jewelery by a volunteer recently and than Anita taught some girls from the Payal Empowerment center and Jodhpur empowerment center. Learning from each other!

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