Tuesday, February 01, 2011

January- Mid February!!

Dear Friends, Well wisher, Some impressions I wish to share with all. I hope you like the pictures. Thank you David for sharing some of your pictures.

My good friend and Adviser to the Sambhali Trust board Ms. Jacqueline, we went to the best omelet making man in the town.
My son Ayush's birthday on 14th feb, he has turned 6 now. On my laps in yellow stripe, Piyush(my friend Virendra's son) Black, Gray, White boxes shirt is Ayush my son and the little boy with Jacket Daksh(My cousin Bunty's son)
visiting the home of Sambhali Sheerni micro-finance women to see her water storing system
Mrs. Taylor East, family, volunteers and the girls from the center

Some pictures from Setrawa village, Mrs. Claudia Taylor East of SOS Malta visited the Sambhali Setrawa Empowerment center and met with the women of Sambhali Sheerni micro-finance project and was very impressed with our work.

Pictures of flowers we have in our flower pots (spring)
Gangautri, a local 'teenage' elephant :)
Mr. Kumar, working in Jodhpur for the organization called center for micro-finance, came to visit the Priyadarshini Adarsh SHG program we were running for 2009-2010
Sambhali Sheerni Micro-Finance project also starting in Jodhpur at the Payal Empowerment center
My friend Virendra's baby and myself
Ma'am Anne Vincent, a well wisher visiting the Sambhali Payal Empowerment Center
Our friends Natalie and Rahel with a stall at Christmas basar in Spiegel near Bern, Switzerland fund raising for Sambhali Trust with their friends.
Our new initiative "CAMEL"

Picture of Corinne, taking care of the boutique as the Manager
Simmi Singh, our English teacher at Sambhali Payal Empowerment center

Jewelery workshop for three weeks by Ms. Rosemary Prinz at the Sambhali Jodhpur empowerment center.

Our participants

Art by our participants in Jodhpur

Friends from Switzerland and Canada visiting the SambhaliS etrawa Empowerment center
Famine relief MGNAREGA project enroute Setrawa village

Sambhali Trust facilitated the women of Sambhali Sheerni Micro-Finance women with landing money for buying cows. The money in easy installments without interests will be returned to the organization for facilitating micro-financing other women of the Sambhali Sheerni Micro-Finance project.

Picnic to Mandore gardens with the participants of Empowerment centers in Jodhpur.

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