Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March impressions

The Theater and Photography workshop pictures by Ms. Rown Lange

My Brother Shakti Singh Rathore getting Married on the 25th of March 2011
It was the most memorable moment for all of us. We enjoyed the days very much with our near and dear ones.
The wedding ceremony started from the 23rd of March until the night of the 27th of March 2011
The bride, the new member of our family is Mrs. Rajeshwari Kanwar.

Pictures from Shakti, my brother's bachelor Holi festival

Women of Sheerni Micro-finance project's self help groups with their cows, sewing machines and flour machines. These have been given to them on small credit without interest from the Sambhali trust

10 of the girls who joined us this year for our Scholarship/Literacy program. These girls have been sponsored by individual sponsors from the globe and are now sent for good schooling in Veer Durga Das public school in Setrawa village.
The Payal Empowerment Centre

Final Impression Report

Annie Conder- volunteer Feb, March 2011

I have been teaching at the Payal Empowerment Centre for 7 weeks, and over this period of time my understanding and appreciation for how much The Centre has been doing to improve the lives of the women has grown greatly.

I was a little nervous when I started teaching, not knowing what to expect, but with the kind help of Simmi, Sonu and Payal (teachers for the Centres), I soon felt right at home. I realized right away that one of the strengths of the Payal Centre is the teachers. They form the backbone and carry the weight of responsibility for the women that study there. It is very obvious that the teachers care deeply about the women, and are personally involved in their lives and are committed to helping them become more confident and independent, emotionally as well as financially. The sewing skills and the English that they are developing through The Centre will help them become self-sufficient women.

During my time at The Centre, I have seen the women make great progress in lots of different areas. One of the most important is that they are becoming more confident as their skills develop. I have seen that the quality of their sewing keeps on improving, as well as their literacy and ability to communicate in English. Their self-esteem has grown a lot, in direct proportion to their skills growing. These are just some of the things that I am personally aware of. What is also great, and very noticeable, is the change in the women’s body language. They seem to sit up straighter, are more direct in their speech, and even look you in the eye when they talk to you.

A lot of the progress I have seen is due to the women’s continued commitment to coming to The Centre every day. This continuity is very important. The other factor is the women’s enjoyment at The Centre, and the friendships they have formed there.

All in all, my conclusion is that the Payal Empowerment Centre is making a powerful and positive difference to the lives of the women who are participating in the program.

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