Tuesday, May 03, 2011

May 2011

Durag Niwas Guest House
Offseason is here now, the roof top has been removed until the next season starting in July 2011.
Plants are in shade, we have less guests at the moment.

Sambhali Trust
The Annual Report from 1st April 2010- 31st March 2011 is online and available on the link available on the Sambhali Trust website or on the link given below.
We had many wonderful volunteers from all different parts of the world.
We achieved quite a lot for our participants from photography and theater.
Looking for two new centers and new funding agency to fund them.
We are nearly five years old and are planning to extend our support to more vulnerable members of Indian communities. Therefore our dear readers a little very nice surprise on your way soon.

Rathore Family
The new member of our family, the bride of my brother Shakti had 18 days with her new family and has gone to see her parents. We are sad that bride's father has cancer on last stage. He is a wonderful man and I think god needs him more than his family.
Grand ma can not walk any longer but has been invited to go and stay with her brother's family for few weeks. She is very happy with her sister in law and her family.
Our Manager and family friend Pintu's wife has come to stay with us for her pregnancy and for a proper routine checkups with the gynecologist. We are happy that she trust us and wants us to help her carry her baby in a very comfortable and safe environment.
Ayush is doing very good in school and will have summer break from school from mid May for almost one and half month.
My friend Virendra's leg is recovering.
Mumy is doing very well.
It is very hot at the moment.
We are very thankful to all our family, friends and guests for making the wedding very memorable.

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