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Durag Niwas Guest House

No guests at the moment, I am making sure no plants burn in this summer therefore I am personally involved in watering the plants. The dust is everywhere due to the sand storms. It is really hot at the moment. some guests coming now and than.

Sambhali Trust

This month I personally went to spend some days in Setrawa village to witness our center. I am very happy with the progress our team is making over there at the moment. One of our previous student who has finished her senior high school this year is now the teacher for the non school going kids. Her name is Pooja Sharma.
Giving loans to the women of Sambhali Sheerni Micro-Finance on no interest, our guest and the guarantor of the loans is Mr. Bhika Ram Choudhary, the village elected leader for the official decision making for the development of the village for five years.

Kerry, our setrawa project volunteer has come to Jodhpur to help with the administration in now in her last month of six months stay in total. She has gone to Setrawa village to spend her last month there. She has been of tremendous help to us.

We had honor to meet the Rajasthan State's Department of Women and Child Development and also holds the department of Tourism Ms. Bina Kak. She is a wonderful lady and I was very happy to have met her and introduced her to Sambhali Trust.

Asha Pandit is the second face of the project, she is sister of Soniya, one of our graduates and have been part of the Jodhpur empowerment center on and off for 4 years, she is now the supervisor of the Sambhali Boutique and assists Corinne our Boutique's manager.

Project Aasha, our target intervention project does well. We are happy to see the progress of these young people of Jodhpur who are bit more aware of the HIV/AIDS and the STI's.

Chiragudeen(Chinu) is the manager of project Aasha.

Priyadarshini Adarsh Self help group program has started in Salwas village, government (department of Women and Child Development) want us to form a cluster of durry(rugs) weavers. The government local employees are of no help, there is too much politics between the women's self help groups, the government workers and the local middle men who work in the durry weaving business. We are very sad to work with these people.

We had honor to be invited to Sambla program in Jaipur where the Department of Human rights conducted a workshop. Our Payal Empowerment Center manager, Payal Kanwar and a participant Guddi ji went to Jaipur and participated in the workshop about Human rights, women rights and are the master trainers for other organizations in the Jodhpur District. Our organization was invited to participated with one another big organization in Jaipur.

The Eye camp hosted by another organization in Jodhpur called the Shared Vision tested eyes of 56 of our participants and gave 11 prescription glasses to the patients. Thank you Shared vision.

When I was in Setrawa I heard from the women of Sheerni project that Dakhu Devi, the girl who we rescued two years back who was tied to a tree because she was suffering from post natal psychosis was again tied to a tree for 4 months now because she has become very violent. When she recovered with our help last year she was sent to her husband again where she became pregnant, three days later the baby died and she fall ill again with the same post natal psychosis.
Her mother tied her to the tree again. I found out about this and brought her back to Jodhpur and now she stays with us in our home. She has the best and the most experienced doctor taking care of her Dr. Vimal Razdan. Dakhu is recovering and we are thankful to god for making us fortunate to help the people in serious need.

Rajput Cultural Adventures
We have a small group with seven guest including Ms. Margrit Nobs joining us for the third time and this time possibly in hope of spotting the big cat (tiger). We will be meeting in Delhi on the 26th of December and we will show our guest Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan in 18 days. We are very excited about the trip because we have chosen new destination and some new accommodations this time.

We all are okey, Grand ma has come back from her maternal home, Shakti's wife, my sister in law has lost her father from cancer. We are very sorry for her family. Mumy does okey, some little knee pain(she is lazy and doesnt go out for a walk or something), Mukta is fine, little bored because of less work. Everything else is fine, we plan to repair the home in Setrawa so that some guests could enjoy it in the tourist season. We will do some paint and repairs here and there in the house for the upcoming season. I plan to put many many plants inside our home this year.
Pintu, our manager's wife was not successful with the IVF. She is gone back to her home. We hope to help her in future also.

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