Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Sambhali Trust
We are sad that Mrs. Simmi Singh have left the organization due to having difficulties with the conveyance from the organization's centers here in Jodhpur.
Please allow me to introduce yourselves to Ms. Renu Chauhan, the manager to the Sambhali Trust and also the English tutor for the Jodhpur and Payal Empowerment Center.

Please find below the final impression of Ms. Karina Szuman

My Final Impressions

I left Setrawa, my eyes swelled with tears but a heart full of memories, for me it was leaving not only my job but my home.

I was very nervous to go back to Setrawa for my last month as I was the only volunteer. As difficult as thought it would be, I honestly went all out in my final month and it really paid of in the end. I embraced the village life more and had the opportunity to really get to know my host family and the staff of Sambhali School on a more personal level – I have made friends to last a lifetime.

Sambhali School for the month of July was very haphazard and formality didn’t show up in any way or form (at times I did tend to forget that I was still in India). It was great to see the month to month transformation of the children as many of them had been sponsored to go to school from July 2011 so they were getting formal education and the work of the past volunteers in teaching English had really paid off as some of the girls even went straight to Class 6 and 7. Coupled with a more structured teaching plan we had time to really enjoy ourselves too. The workshops still ran on Saturdays and I was lucky enough to be apart of the French Excursion visits and those were very memorable especially for the children. I did spend 2 months with the children and as much as I would like to say that I changed their life drastically, I can’t because for me it seemed as though the change they brought out in me was far greater than I could’ve ever done for them. I really grew to love each and every child and it is something that I don’t think a volunteer could ever properly describe.

After another month with the Khatri family, I really grew to love them even more. After much insistence on my part I got the chance to really be apart of the family and even helped cooked some meals. I still cannot find the words to describe the life I lived for 2 months that was truly an experience on its own.

I leave Sambhali with a heavy heart. I have made so many memories and learnt heaps and bounds in both life skills and myself that I could not have learnt anywhere else.

My best advice for future volunteers would be to come with an open mind and be prepared for possibly the best few months of your life!

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