Wednesday, November 02, 2011

October 2011

Dear Readers,
October was a very pleasant month for us. Lots of gifts to give to the participants of the trust.
Fund raising event was organized in Canada where we were given 22 sewing machines for the Payal Empowerment Center participants.

Below Ms. Mehta, Payal ji, Sonu ji with the participants of the Sheerni Micro-Finance project running in Jodhpur who were given the sewing machines.

Reena ji, the English teacher, Tamanna ji the Art and craft teacher, Sonu ji, the art and craft assistance and Payal ji the administrator of the Payal Empowerment Center with myself in front of the participants of the center with their sewing machines.

The participants of the center with their Sewing machines

Mrs. Badegruber gifting the sewing machines to the Payal Empowerment center participants
The participants of the center performing Theater for our guests

Anita, suffering from polio, receiving her motorbike from our advisory board member and my dear friend Mrs. Ernestine Badegrbuer from Austria. The bike was funded by friends of Daniela Batrosch and her friends from Germany.
Graduates of the year 2006-2009 came to meet for the festival Diwali
Guests from France with the Jodhpur Empowerment Center participants
Guests performing Salsa
Jodhpur Empowerment center participant learning Salsa

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