Sunday, December 09, 2012

July 2012

 10th July

Dear well wishers, we have 10 new names from the vulnerable kids who are in need to go to school this year... We need sponsors who can support them. Are you interested? Please message me and I shall provide the information..

16th July

We have been able to sponsor 6 kids out of 10 and have taken 8 new to send to or continue school. Together we can help the vulnerable, most in need and unfortunate. I am introducing yourselves to these three little boys, Nikhil, Naveen and
Rohit who have lost their father recently and are the only hope for their mother and future of this family. We need your help to help them go to school and live a better future. Kindly message me for details.. Thank you to the sponsors from last year. This year we have 85+ children in good private schools. Without your support this would not have been possible...

31st July

Be Part of Chris's 24-hour Indian Challenge
In December this year he will be traveling to India and attempting to run for 24 hours straight, to raise money for some of India's most vulnerable women and children.
For more information about his challenge and the amazing charity he will be supporting, visit his event page at:

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