Monday, February 11, 2013

January 2013

29th January

 Our generous friends Natalie and Rahel from Switzerland helped two girls Guddi and Suman of the Sambhali Setrawa Empowerment center by gifting two sewing machines. Dhau devi of group no-8, Sambhali Sheerni SHG project lost her husband, our Swiss friends helped her open a grocerry store.

28th January

 Our friends Natalie and Rahel from Switzerland connected six of the participants of Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Center with Livelihood program by donating sewing machines to them to work from home.

26th January

This evening our volunteers had gypsy dance lessons. Senu Sapera is a very well known artist from Jodhpur who spared her time and came to give lessons.


25th January

Invitation by the Times of India, we attended Swabhiman-raise your voice (a workshop on the safety and security of our city's woman) in Jodhpur.
The participants of Sambhali Literacy project and Sambhali Jodhpur empowerment center went to Jaipur to perform theater. There were two different occasions they displayed theater. We were there by the invitation by the Department of women and child development.


23rd January

 Please allow us to introduce yourselves to our new collection available at the Durag Niwas Guest House, Jodhpur, India.
The basic idea for the students shop came up at a meeting in December 2012. We discussed that quite a lot of the Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Project students had already been on a very high level in sewing and doing embroideries and the nice little embroideries etc that they had already done just disappeared in their files. So why not turn the small room at the entrance of the guesthouse into a little store called "Stories & Dreams" Sambhali students shop. You can see the first results on the photos!

21st January

 The other day we received a phone call from a young woman from the train station's waiting room. She said she has come to Jodhpur and has been alone and knew nobody. She found Sambhali Trust's address on the search engine. She came to take justice from a man who broke her trust and betrayed her after staying in relationship for two years and now have agreed to his parents for an arranged marriage. Our heart goes out for her. We think she is a wonderful person. We helped her by counseling and arranging her two days table talk with the family of the man. It took us 18 hours of counseling in 48 hours. It was successful. A lawyer friend said, what legal facilities would have done in months you managed in two days.
We also arranged to go with her to drop her home safe.
God bless her...!!

20th January

 We had a memorable Saturday with our friend Mr. Shakti Singh who spared his time to take the volunteers of Sambhali Trust around the old town of Jodhpur.
The horse cart ride to Ranisar lake to discuss Johars and Saties, walking around Brahmpuri, the Raj Gandhi ji's to smell perfume oils, darshan at Achal nath mahadev temple and aarti at Gangshyam ji temple. Had tasty Garlic koftas, Chatarbhuj's Gulab jamuns, Mohanji's Ladoos, Mawa kachories, dinner at Shaheens...

18th January

 Our dear Margrit's Seventy Fifth Birthday in Switzerland and at the same time displaying products from Sambhali Boutique in her party for fund raising....

15th January

 Jasu devi is part of our Sambhali Sheerni Self-help group project is also now the new art and craft teacher teaching the participants of art and craft class in Sambhali Setrawa empowerment center from 11.00am until 1.00pm from Monday to Friday..

10th January

 Toothbrushes of the butterfly class participants in Sambhali Setrawa Empowerment Center, Setrawa village

7th January

Ms. Mehta, program officer of Sambhali Sheerni women self-help group project and the new field worker Ms. Bhairon singh with the women of the project..


6th January

Sambhali Trust's stall displaying and selling products of Sambhali Boutique at Fort Mehrangarh for the month of January 2013.


5th January

 Sambhali Trust's office, it is here from where we operate...

2nd January

Happy New Year. Thank you for staying with us for all these years and we hope to continue this strong relationship for years to come..

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