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September 2013

29th September

Thanks a lot for new donations!

Participants of Sambhali Sisters for Sisters project in Jodhpur.. Thanking yourselves for bringing light and hope in their development.


28th September

Bhaiya.. (Brother) when we come to you, we cannot stop talking about our lives with you.
We would like to share few bits from our daily conversations with some young girls coming to our drop in center.
A 12 year old girl came and said, I re...member this night, I was very well dressed like a princess, next morning I woke up and everybody was congratulating me, they said I was married last night. I was taken on two days drive, changing two trains on a trip to make some prayers with my "Husband" in his village for our good future. The other 14 years old girl said, my mum was slapping me the whole time when the ceremony for my marriage was taking place so that I can keep awake. Are we allowed to come on weekends too? We miss our drop in center. I love to cook, I love dancing, I make lots of prayers and fast almost 4 days a week for the good life of our family. We have too many mosquitoes where we live. My mother and father does not work, my younger siblings are sent to beg and collect trash.. We came to your office and thought we were in some temple.. We thank you for helping us touch these wonderful, innocent, selfless souls..



27th September

Director of ICPS (Integrated child protection scheme, State of Rajasthan) Mr. K.C. Verma and his team visited the Girls Shelter from the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment in Jodhpur called "Balika Grah" the other day, Sambhali trust runs its Sambhali Sisters for Sisters project here for nearly two years. Our staff Ms. Solanki offering Mr. Verma our sewn elephant toy as souvenir.

22nd September 2.0

I know we already had one post today, but this is an other lovely story about one of our girls and has to be published..

The 15 years old lives together with her father, mother and her brother in a small house with 2 rooms around 45 Min walking distance away from her school. Her 10 years old sister lives and learns in the Sambhali Sheerni Educational Program ..."Boarding Home" in Jodhpur. She joins the 10th Standard in Private School and her 8 years old brother learns in the 3rd Standard. The family keeps 5 goats, 1 cow and a calf around the house. They are also growing some vegetables for their own need in a field in front of the house. Her father works as a stone-worker in the stone mine of Setrawa and her mother is a housewife. The father had an accident around 4 months ago where his wrist fractured. As he is still not recovered yet the family doesn’t have any income and has to buy everything on credit even food. Her mother is a analphabet but her father knows how to read and write. As she learns in the 10th Standard now her homework takes a lot of time: Around 3 hours per day. But still she helps with the housework as she washes the dishes and helps to clean the house. Her favorite meal is Chapati and okra. She wants to become a police woman after school.

22nd September

I need help...! We asked what happened..? She said "I was kicked out of home with my daughter last night, I spent my night under the stars, very scared of men on the streets of Jodhpur".
She was married to a man six years ago and moved to Jodhpur. She is blessed with two daughters a 4 years and 1 and half year old. She said he has been very abusive, does not work, very insecure and pushed her brin...g more dowry from her parents. She worked at reception to earn some living to pay little bits and pieces for her daughters.
She came to us through a known in Jodhpur, she needed safe place to stay. desired some help to talk with Police and find some legal help.
We gave her shelter and helped her negotiate her relationship with her in-laws and get her everything back that belongs to her in that house.
We will help her find a good job and live her life with dignity.
Thank you all for helping us help find justice for the victims of violence.
Ps. For privacy reason, the picture has been removed..


21st September

We have nine child brides age 6 to 14 year participating at the Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Center. We invited them for Lunch, they plan to make a little picnic instd. They decided to cook for us the way they do it at their homes. The time we all spent together was wonderful and the food was delicious...!


15th September

Tara is a 12 years old girl learning in the 6th Standard in school. She has got 2 brothers and 2 sisters. 1 brother and 1 sister are still too young to go to school but the other children of the family are visiting school. Tara’s father is ...from Setrawa in origin and her mother moved to here from a small village around 5 km away from Setrawa after their wedding. Tara’s mother is an analphabet and is a housewife and works in the field as well. Her father knows how to read and write and works as a stoneworker on site. Together with the family’s grandmother they are 8 people living together in a house with 2 rooms. The family keeps 3 goats, 1 cow and 1 calf around the house. On a small field they growing vegetables for own needs. Tara’s walking distance to school is around 30 minutes and after school she helps her mother in the household as she washes the dishes and helps to clean the house. Tara loves to eat Chapati and green beans with pickles. The children have one small truck as a toy and they are very proud of that. Later on Tara wants to be a housewife as her mother is.



10th September

Some cute work from the girls of the Boarding Home. Learning the alphabet will be no Problem in future:



4th September

The 9 years old Puja learns in 3rd Standard in school. She has got 3 brothers in age of 18, 14 and 12 years. The two younger brothers also going to school. Puja’s father comes from Setrawa in origin and her mother originates from a vil...lage around 40 minutes away from Setrawa. Her father learned how to read and write but her mother is an analphabet. Puja’s father, an alcoholic addict, runs a small shoe shop in Setrawa where to buy traditional Indian Chappals. In the small house with 2 rooms living 6 persons, the family keeps 2 goats and grows some vegetables on a field near by their house. Puja has got no toys but her best friend Punam and she still love to play together. Sometimes she helps her mother with the housework as she cleans the dishes. Her favourite meal is Dal, curd and Chapati. Puja wants to be a teacher for maths later on. Now her favourite subject in school is hindi.


1st September

We were visiting a slum in Jodhpur yesterday and was very sad to see the way people are living. Dont know how to agree to the government claims..
We were accompanied by a very dear and generous friend Sadhvi Shanti puri who agreed to help with a vaccination camp. Today we were able to give Hep-B and Tetanus vaccines to women, children and men of the family.


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