Monday, October 07, 2013

October 2013

24th October

"Finally they are online: Sambhali Switzerland was founded in June 2013 in a foundation assembly with about 10 members. In the past months, they have organized all the administration things an association needs in Switzerland.

Now we can ...proudly present their association on a homepage which is still under construction
Sambhali Switzerland has also grown in the past 4 months: at present they have 46 members! They are looking forward to working with Sambhali Trust and hope to support the girls and women to make a small difference in their lives."


15th October

Today there was a horrible accident in Jodhpur with 34 French tourists. We provided some emotional relief in a very tragic situation. We must not forget the staff of the hospital, ambulances and above all the people from the Travel agencies and the Guide association in Jodhpur. We saw their faces, their commitment and enthusiasm to help. We do not deserve a write up in media. We were there to be there for the victims suffering pain!



11th October

Today was a good day! Thank you all we are now two thousand people in Sambhali Facebook Network. CONGRATULATIONS our dear well wishers! For that a wonderful group Picture from our visit at Jodhpur's Palace.

As if that wouldn't be enough we received new resources from Kasturi ji. Thank you!



5th October

Feet from the Sambhali Sheerni educational project (Boarding home) participants are taken care of this year. Thanks to all the wonderful people who have knitted these beautiful, warm socks in Switzerland.


4th October

Just check out a nice read about the Sambhali Trust from an other blog.



3rd October

Proudly tying her cow in the shed... A participant of Sheerni Self-Help group project in Setrawa village..


1st October

A short upgrade from work: We are preparing Christmas Angels.

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