Wednesday, December 11, 2013

November 2013

29th November

Good Touch, Bad Touch Project 2.0

Sambhali volunteers are helping to protect children from sexual abuse. We are teaching them how to be confident and say ‘NO!’.

The workshop at the Empowerment Center was a big success!!
I am so proud of all the girls and women who participated. A big thank you to all the volunteers and translators who helped realizing the workshop.



21st November

Good Touch, Bad Touch Project

This week Sambhali volunteers are holding six safety workshops for the children in Sambhali’s projects.
The workshops are based on the Good Touch, Bad Touch conversation developed by Dr Bhooshan Shukla and his team ( In a playful but efficient way, the children learn how to react if they are touched inappropriately by an adult person.

19th November

Thank you very much to our Swiss associates and our ex-volunteers from Jodhpur for sending and bringing us some clothes. We have distributed them and were happily received by the needy.


18th November

Last Saturday, guests, volunteers, students and friends of Sambhali were lucky to attend a nice theater play. Again congratulations to Mona, Arti, Sonu, Rekha and Pooja for their performance and also Thomas, Canadian volunteer, for his daily theater workshop with them. We enjoyed a lot! From everybody present: thanks!


17th November

We are very lucky to have the support of volunteers. The best thing which has happened to us is that many of our volunteers are returning to helping us every year and help also this stay to guide a Group of Swiss guests (delegated by Mr. Lehmann) through the Graduates Sewing Center.


11th November

We hope you like the story.. Beside Mukta Singh, one of the Sambhali Trustees, we wish to thank Debbie, Nina and Jen (our friends) for their initial support when the Sambhali Trust started taking off. Because of them the Sambhali trust could have smoother operation in the first few difficult months of its running while we were all limited to resources...


5th November

Happy Diwali to all followers!!

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