Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 2013

31st December

Thank you to Nell-Breuning School of Rottweil, Germany for their kind support by raising awareness of Sambhali Trust in their school by organizing the "International Breakfast" event.
A big thank you to our volunteer Sarah G. for organizing this event with the Nell-Breuning School.


29th December

Sisters-4-sisters: Thar Desert Ultra is a unique event for female runners. It combes physical challenge with a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience and the opportunity to help empower marginalised women and girls in Rajasthan, India.
Thank you to Mr. Chris Pye and Mr. Sophiaan Subhan for making this amazing event possible for the Sambhali Trust.

28th December

Thank you very much for helping us this Christmas.. We hope for the same collaboration and partnership from yourselves in the future too. Thank you for everything.. Check out the link below:



26th December

Christmas celebration at the orphanage (care and protection) operated by Jodhpur's Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.
Sambhali has been operating its Sambhali Sisters for Sisters project here for past two years. We extend our t...hanks to the Child Welfare Committee, Jodhpur for allowing us to help these beautiful souls for past two years. Our journey in this project comes to an end this 31st of December.
May God bless these wonderful children and bring them lots of emotional help and support from the kind people.


24th December

Merry Christmas Everybody!


23rd December

Thank you to Johannes Kepler Gymnasium Reutlingen, Germany for singing and playing for the needy women and children in India to support the mission of Sambhali Trust, India..


22nd December

Thank you to Myboshi for the big hats and our friends Natalie, Rahel of Sambhali Switzerland and their team for arranging the beautiful knitted caps for little children, socks, jackets and puppets.. Thank you for knitting your love in these beautiful products. They will be going long way for the needy.
Boarding home children have conveyed their thanks to you and were very happy with their Christmas handwoven toys!


13th December

Helped our sisters from Setrawa through our Sambhali Sheerni SHG program by providing these livelihood resources for becoming entrepreneurs..



12th December

Last week the Sambhali volunteers held a sucessful series of workshops on self-esteem at the `Brothers for Sisters Project´. The girls designed their own dairies in which they can express their hopes and wishes as well as their fears and sad moments of their lifes. The creative writing process is a great tool to overcome difficult times and it has the potential to change the feeling of self-esteem.


11th December

Health camp at the Sambhali Sheerni educational program (Boarding home) concentrating on Anemia and a routine check-up. Thanks to the Goyal Hospital, Jodhpur for cooperating with complimentary pediatrician Service.


10th December

Today we had one day voluntary engagement with SEED (Society for Educational Welfare & Economic Development) who has tied up with HSBC bank for employee engagement projects.
Jodhpur branch of HSBC is part of their project. Therefore , the HSBC employees of Jodhpur branch came and supported two of our Women and Girls Empowerment centers by informing our participants about general banking.


9th December

We are happy to announce that Sambhali Trust was approached by the ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, an Indian multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Dehradun, India), Jodhpur for suggesting a name from Sambhali for their "Internal complaints committee (constituted as per govt. guidelines)" to deal with any complaints of sexual harassment to women employees in which a neutral representative from a women welfare oriented NGO is to be incorporated. We suggested Mrs. Mehta, Sambhali Trust project coordinator's name which got accepted for this reputed position. We are happy for this feather on our hat.


8th December

Our new plan.. A new empowerment center (drop in center) with vocational training and literacy for women and children in one of the poorer areas of the town. A program for people in need on their reach. Sharing with yourselves a picture of the homes around our new center.



7th December

Thank you Lilli for carrying these beautiful wool hats that our dearest Andrea and Myboshi in Germany sent with you for these wonderful girls participating at Sambhali projects.



6th December

Sambhali proudly presents: Little artists and many masterpieces at Brothers for Sisters :)
It is nice to see their creativity and their enthusiasm!


3rd December

Just signed the contracts. We are very proud to announce our new partner Volunta, the branch of Red Cross Germany. Hope we will get a lot of help and support out of this partnership.

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