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February 2014

28th February

Participants of the boarding home 'Sambhali Sheerni Educational Program celebrating Shivratri (the 'Great Night of Shiva')

Priya, a participant of Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Center.

25th February

Participants of Sambhali Setrawa women & girls empowerment center - Butterfly class kids. Hygiene time :)

24th February

Saraswati and Reshma working on their sewing machines at the Sambhali Graduates Sewing Center piling up the stock for the Sambhali Boutique..

23rd February

Three students from IIT Varanasi came over the other day and documented Sambhali's work in Jodhpur.. Thank you very much to everybody involved.

Dear all, we are very fortunate to have started the 'Panaah Shelter Services'. Many women and girls from Jodhpur and outside of town have been approaching us for emotional, psychological, legal and counseling support.
Ms. Mehta speaking to one of the ladies who came to us the other day. Thank you for your generous contribution to the trust for allowing us to helping those in need of a 'Soul Family'.

21st February

Happy to have been invited by the Vishwa Yuvak Kendra 'Indian Assembly of Youth' in Delhi for attending a programme on Right To Information Act of India. Sambhali Trust sent two of its volunteers Phillip K. and Johann W. from Germany to participate in the programme and represent Sambhali Trust.

18th February

A little more about Sambhali Trust. Thank you for having trust in our work!


Sambhali Trust is proud to associate as a Non Governmental Organization member with Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, Delhi. http://www.vykonline.org/


We were invited by CAG Chapter in Jaipur, India for a meeting related to aims provided below. Our volunteers Lilli L. and Sarah G. represented Sambhali Trust at the event.
- convincing young people to go voting this year, "cause India deserves better".
- discuss about things that are wrong in India (Violence-especially against women, corruption, inequality, education).


Today we were fortunate to give 35 sewing machines to the women and girls participants of our Vocational Training programs so that they can become financial independent. Now they can also work from home. The day was endorsed by H'ble Member of Legislature Assembly Ms. Suryakanta Vyas from Sursagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Ms. Vyas is landmark in politics and women empowerment for decades. Photo credit to 'Sambhali Press' our volunteer E. Camley. Thank you to Sonja, Matthew, Christa, Barbara and Anna for the sewing machines.

16th February

Dadiji, one of the first participants to join us in Setrawa village women and girls empowerment center. We are in Setrawa village because them trusting us..

13th February

Our eldest volunteer at Sambhali Trust, a beautiful strong lady 76 years young from Switzerland. In picture you see Ms. Nobs teaching participants of Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Center how to Knit and Crocheting. Thank you dear Ms. Nobs for your kindness, generosity, your time and for being of useful recourse for Sambhali Trust. You are truly a role model for many..

12th February

Deepika, seven years ago. One of the first participants of 18 to join a program in October 2006, which then was developed into Sambhali Trust in January 2007.

Our dear Radha, participant of Sambhali Setrawa Empowerment Center.. Happy with her pullover :)

11th February

Thank you to our friends in Sambhali Switzerland, Switzerland for sending this year many pullovers. These have been of great help..

9th February

Thank you everyone for being with us in this battle of empowering the downtrodden women and children. Because of the trust and support we have received from yourselves in all these years that our work is acknowledged.
A motivational interview of the Founder of Sambhali Trust was printed nation-wise for the youth of our country in Rajasthan Patrika (one of the leading Indian Newspapers) this morning.


6th February

Deepika, finishing her block printing for an order by Forty Red Bangles

5th February

Rita embroidering elephant toy at the Sambhali graduates sewing centre.


Jai Hanuman..
Students and Sambhali team at Sambhali Setrawa Empowerment center, Setrawa village.. Thanks to Matthew for preparing this beautiful dance and to Antonia and Merle for continuing.

4th February

Setrawa Empowerment Center…

3rd February

Thank you dear Annelyse from France for bringing us her friend and her's electronic sewing machines. Thank you for your help..

1st February

Dear Gerti and Sarah, thank you for the first-aid kits for sone of the daily projects we operate. . The First-aid workshops held by yourselves were of great exposure for the participants..

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