Tuesday, May 06, 2014

May 2014

31st May

Some children from Setrawa village participants of our Sambhali Scholarship project!

29th May

We thank Juliane Schramm from Germany who came with her bicycle all the way from Germany (Berlin) to India (Jodhpur). Starting her journey with 15 fellows in august 2013 and being part of a project calledwww.2wheels4change.com. As a professional circus arts teacher along all her way she gave free workshops to orphans and refugees in all countries she passed. With us she gave a 3 days theater-acrobatics-juggling-workshop to 10 of our Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Center's participants.


Monthly team meeting from May 2014

25th May

Volunteers from FSD, presented a nutrition workshop in the Setrawa Empowerment Centre to the women of the Sheerni Self-Help Group as well as participants of the Empowerment Centre. The workshop dealt with the important nutrients in food, dealing with folates, iron, the importance of purifying water as well as vaccinations. A nutritious dish of lentils, tomatoes, garlic and spinach was prepared and served to all those who attended plus some water melon and mangoes. The volunteers are preparing a handbook, so that the workshop can be repeated at regular intervals.


24th May

Saroj, one of our graduates at her home with mother, sisters, nieces and nephew.

22nd May

Team of Sambhali giving presentation about our project NO BAD TOUCH to the team of Child Line (A toll free line for children in need). The No Bad Touch project is to inform the children about prevention, awareness and education about Child Sexual Abuse. It was nice to exchange ideas with Child Line team. We asked the Child Line team to be ready for accepting calls from our NO BAD TOUCH participants who are from different schools from Jodhpur where we have been providing the Sambhali No Bad Touch project.


Sambhali Trust's some of the first participants of Scholarship project. Five of them passed their schools last year. They pursued in college and also enrolled in a one year long Hotel management diploma course. With continuing at their college they are now doing their part time job as hotel trainees at the Heritage Hotel Ajit Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. It was their first day today! They make us very proud, they are role models for many young women who wished for change and development in life. Thank you to their sponsors who supported their schooling and to Sambhali Austria for helping them with Hotel Management course.

15th May

Researching the health of rural women for nutrition by our interns on Global Study Tour from USA.

14th May

Sambhali Sisters for Sister Empowerment Center..

11th May

Group of interns from USA on Global Study Tour organised by Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) meeting and discussing issues on local nutrition supplements, diets and problems with Dr. Anurag Singh from the Department of Pediatric, Government of Rajasthan and Dr. Rashmi Rathore 7E Med SPA HR & Admin Head cum Nutritionist in Jodhpur.

8th May

Ms. Mehta, our Project Coordinator welcoming a group of Interns at Sambhali Trust. The four inters are on Global Study Tour from USA organised by Foundation for Sustainable Development..

5th May

Pooja Sharma, our tutor at Sambhali Setrawa Empowerment Center with her students..

1st May

Participants learning History of India from each other under the supervision of volunteers..

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