Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 2014

20th June

Govind Rathore, the Founder of Sambhali Trust and Dr. Bastl, The Former H'ble Ambassador of Austria in India at a meeting at Dr. Bastl's invitation at her home in the beautiful old city of Vienna.

Dear Friends, we were very honored to have met all of yourselves who took some time out of your precious time to attend the presentations from Sambhali Trust this year in Austria arranged by our associate organisation Sambhali Austria. The wonderful people from Innsbruck, Graz, Linz and Vienna were very kind, open and generous to come ahead and help the women and children of India. Thank you to the former volunteers of Sambhali Trust for coming to the events and helping us reach more people interested in volunteering.

Linz 2014

Graz 2014

Innsbruck 2014

Vienna 2014

19th June

Here the data for the show AWARENESS FM on radio Orange 94.0.
The interview broadcast from the Founder of Sambhali Trust starts at 22: 00. Listen to radio orange, it is worldwide via live streamhttp://o94.at/radio/live_stream/


Sambhali this week in Austria.. After a presentation in Innsbruck, Graz and Linz, now we are ready to meet you in Vienna..

16th June

Do you recognize her? This picture was taken by a volunteer Ms. Val Bromann when she was volunteering with us in Sambhali's women and children empowerment project in Setrawa village.

15th June

Usha ji, our former teacher at Sambhali Setrawa women and children empowerment center project in Setrawa village with the Butterfly class.

7th June

Pooja Sharma, our project supervisor from Setrawa village came to Jodhpur with five students for intensive sewing clothes week long workshop in Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment projects.

5th June

This year Sambhali Trust Scholarship project's NEW beneficiaries with their references at Sambhali Trust.

4th June

Sambhali No Bad Touch project presentation to the Additional Director ICPS, Project Coodinator UNICEF and the Child Welfare Committee of Jodhpur..

Sambhali No Bad touch project's workshop with Sambhali Sisters for Sister participants. The workshop is related to Child Sexual Abuse. To aware, prevent and educate people about this social problem.

3rd June

Self-Defense workshop at Sambhali Brothers for Sisters Empowerment program..


We are proud to announce our 16th project. We are happy to introducing yourselves to Sambhali Shanti Empowerment Center, based in a hamlet on the outskirts of Setrawa village, Shergarh Tehsil. District of Jodhpur.


Graduates of Sambhali Brothers for Sisters project with their children. All these children will be sponsored for good schooling by Sambhali Trust from this year under the Sambhali Scholarship project. If you wish to sponsor a child, kindly email us on info@sambhali-trust.org

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