Tuesday, January 27, 2015

December 2014

31th December

Last year was full of surprises for us, for our beautiful Nation and for our beautiful World. We all learned a lot from some good and bad experiences. Good bye to year 2014 and with changing date in the calendar tonight we look forward to the next year 2015. I thank you for staying with us, for trusting in us and for everything you have done to helping us grown and sustain. We wish yourselves and your beautiful families lots and lots of sun shine, greetings, regards, wishes, prosperity and much more.


21th December

Staff and Volunteer at the Sambhali Sheerni Educational Program (Boarding Home)

19th December

50 Women and Girls were given a sewing machine each after finishing one year Vocational Training in our Empowerment Projects from Jodhpur and Setrawa village. We were honored to have had Her Highness Maharani Saheba of Jodhpur accept our invitation to come and handover the certificates and bless the program.

 18th December

Sambhali Austria had put together a beautiful evening in Vienna for helping the participants of Sambhali Trust in India.

15th December

Sambhali participants and team were honored to have met with the Rajasthan Government's Industry Minister Mr. Gajendra Singh ji Khimsar. We welcomed him with flowers for his new position of being in-charge of the Government activities/schemes in Jodhpur District. The young Mr. Dhananjai Singh ji Khimsar kindly accepted our invitation to join us for tea at our office and met with our staff.

14th December

Different Cultures but one thing that connects us together is sisterhood...!! Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Center

11th December

You can Help!

Thanks to our volunteers for putting this beautiful video together.

3rd December

We thought you may want to see this nice blog from Mandy, our volunteer from the USA.  

1st December

Peacock class participants of Sambhali Setrawa Empowerment Center.

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