Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Photography Workshop

Sambhail auto focuses the girls and women life for the perfect shot...By: Agastya Maharaj

Generally women and girls are over burden with household chores and deeply entrenched in a community of gender roles. Lucky for the girls and women of Jodhpur the NGO Sambhali Trust opened its doors for new skills in order to be ready for the next era.

Sambhali Trust introduced a photography workshop with aid of it volunteers Stephan and Monica from Germany. Life for the girls and women of Jodhpur is blurry. The girls and women are subjected to inequality that impedes their education development within the community. Sambhali Trust believes more skills are in need, therefore implementation of photography will create diversity at this NGO. Sambhali’s vision is to provide girls and women with basic education and skills which will prepares them to be future leaders in the community, nation and potentially the world. The photography workshop hosted by Sambhail auto focused the girls and women life for the perfect shot.

In September, 2015 the girls and women of Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Centers embraced a new skill "photography". The photography workshops served as catalyst to foster a larger change for the girls and women. It introduced them to a technological world. The photography workshops assist in opening their horizons for a possible future as a professional photographer. The girls attend these workshops alternative days for one month in groups.

"Life is like a camera, you focus on what's important. Capture the good times, develop from the negative and if things don't work out take another shot" The girls and women whom attend Sambhail Empowerment Centers are often drop out of school, adolescent pregnancy married at a young age and housewives whom are susceptible to all types of abuse. Often the girls and women have no authority to decision making powers.

The general consensus obtained from the interviews, was the workshop seized to perfect their lives for the moment. The one hour classes was the best moments. The enjoyment from the classes made the girls and women forget there socio-cultural and religious norms which restrict girls and women to claim their basic rights in society.

Kripa Hans, 18 years old aspires to be a model; the photography workshop was like a "dream come true".

The girls and women were exposed to hands on experience with the professional cannon cameras. Basic demonstration on how to use a camera was conducted. The photography workshops were filled with fun and excitement for the girls and women.

Shaheen Bano, 16 years old loved the workshop and would like to attend the workshop again.

Photography is an art of observation which the girls and women of Sambhali mastered, they went to various locations to practice this acquired skill of photography. Stephen and Monica utilize the spaces around Sambhali Jodhpur Empowerment Center as well as inside and outside of Durag Niwas guest house to capture the moments.The girls and women learnt to take group, abstract and portrait pictures.

The highlight for most of the girls was the trip to Mehrangarh Fort to practice their new skill. The splendid Fort is situated one hundred and fifty meters high, this historical Fort overlooks the entire city of Jodhpur. It has a remarkable architecture that leaves one mesmerized. The girls and women had a chance to capture the most breathtaking shots from this location.

Aaesa Khan, 13 years old enjoyed "clicking pictures at the Mehrangarh fort with her friends".

Stephan and Monica strategically planned a photo shoot for each of the girls and women with their friends at the various locations .The girls and women were given the opportunity to hold and practice the art of photography.

Pooja Gehlot, 18 years old would like to travel the world and take photographs.

At the end of workshop Stephan and Monica award the girls printed pictures in a book. The hypothesis of photography workshop was to bring out creativity which lay dominate in each of girls and women. Their photography skills was a piece of art. The girls were given the opportunity to create their own photo albums with pictures they had the privilege to take. It was an activity to allow them to perceive the landscape, objects and their friends through the lens of a camera.

It was with a heavy heart the girls and women bid farewell to Stephan and Monica.

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