Thursday, April 14, 2016

Meet Constance!

At Sambhali Trust, we are fortunate enough to have volunteers from all over the world come and join our empowerment team! 

Some volunteers come to Sambhali through organizations that we have partnered with, whereas others have discovered us through their own research.

Regardless of how they've arrived, they each add knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to our many centers. 

So who are these amazing people willing to volunteer their time to help the women of Jodhpur?

Let us introduce you....

10 Questions with Constance Von Igel

Constance surrounded by some girls from the Boarding Home, where she assists them with their homework and provides advice for their personal lives 

1. Where are you from? Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2. What do you do back home? I'm currently on my gap year before starting University in the fall.

3. What inspired you to volunteer? The idea of getting away and helping people simultaneously was very appealing to me.

4. How long are you working at Sambhali Trust? Two months.

5. What projects do you volunteer at? I'm an English and Maths teacher at Shakti and a volunteer at the Boarding Home. 

Constance with some of her students at the Shakti Empowerment Center - Sambhali Trust's 16th ongoing project

6. Best part about living in India? How I am able to find a lot of peace within its chaos.

7. Describe Jodhpur in one sentence. Home away from home.

8. You can only eat one Indian food for the rest of your life, what is it? Biryani rice with pomegranate seeds for garnish! 

9. Favorite place to travel to in India? Looking forward to seeing the Taj Mahal in Agra and Varanasi!

10. Fill in the blank... To me, Sambhali Trust is all about _____
Helping women like myself get the opportunities that have been offered to me on a silver platter throughout my life but are often inaccessible to them. It is about empowering women to believe that they too have the potential to achieve great things!

Interested in becoming a volunteer like Constance? 
Check out our website for more information!

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