Thursday, April 14, 2016

Meet Nicola!

At Sambhali Trust, we are fortunate enough to have volunteers from all over the world come and join our empowerment team! 

Some volunteers come to Sambhali through organizations that we have partnered with, whereas others have discovered us through their own research.

Regardless of how they've arrived, they each add knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to our many centers. 

So who are these amazing people willing to volunteer their time to help the women of Jodhpur?

Let us introduce you....

10 Questions with Nicola Walker

1. Where are you from? Originally from Wales but living and working in London, England. 

2. What do you do back home? I was a director at an organization called the Confederation of British Industry, which lobbies the UK Government on business issues in attempt to create a more prosperous economy for all. 

3. What inspired you to volunteer? I wanted a change in my career and thought that rather than going from one full-time job to the next, why not take a few months out and do something completely different while still using my skills. I'm also a trustee at a women's refuge in the UK and I wanted to explore what effect my knowledge and experience could have on a beautiful country like India before applying such skills to my commuter life!

4. How long are you working at Sambhali Trust? I'll have been here for two and a half months once I leave at the end of April. It's passed far too quickly!

5. What's your volunteering position? I am helping Sambhali on several fronts, including preparing the annual report, changing the way we present the organization to make it more accessible for new audiences and our valued donors, and finding ways to link, either through partnerships or financial assistance, the thriving business community in Jodhpur with the Trust. I have also prepared a number of workshops for the volunteers to use in the empowerment centers that range from simple business and communication skills, to the importance of education, to teaching the students how to articulate their future goals. 

Nicola visiting with women from one of Sambhali's many projects, as she prepares educational workshops for them

6. Best part about living in India? That wonderful moment when you meet another woman in the streets and she see that you are not only a woman as well but also a Westerner and she breaks out in the biggest smile possible!

7. Describe Jodhpur in one sentence. Nothing like the trousers.

8. You can only eat one Indian food for the rest of your life, what is it? Pav bhaji - so naughty but so good!

9. Favorite place to travel to in India? Udaipur for the beautiful water and views!

Nicola on a weekend trip away from Jodhpur
10. Fill in the blank...To me, Sambhali Trust is all about _________ 
Harnessing the strength and resolve of women to improve the lives of their daughters. 

Interested in becoming a volunteer like Nicola? 
Check out our website for more information!

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