Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday Workshop with Tamu Bakery!

On Wednesdays We Workshop!

Usually, the volunteers coordinate different interactive workshops for our students to participate in every Wednesday. These workshops range in subjects; from yoga classes to PowerPoint presentations about the importance of learning English to lessons on global warming.

However this past Wednesday, we were fortunate enough to welcome women's rights activist, Yana Spencer, to Sambhali Trust to bake with our students while discussing human rights, gender based violence and human trafficking. 

Yana operates a donation-based, charity bakeshop in Sri Lanka called Tamu Bakery. All the proceeds received from her baking go to fund the empowerment workshops that she puts on for women around the world. 

Yana told us that when discussing gender issues that oppress women, it helps to incorporate baking because, 
"Nobody can say no to cookies!"

Yana visited four of our empowerment centers - Sisters for Sisters, Brother for Sisters, Laadli and Shakti - where she taught our students how to bake a healthy and nutritious cookie with ingredients that are accessible to them. After sampling the cookies during class, each student was also sent home with some raw dough so that they could bake the cookie at home and share it with their families.

Yana inspired our girls to stand up for their rights and to fight for their dreams! She encouraged them to continue pursuing their education because it is their right as a human being! And she told them how powerful women can be when they stand together! 

Thank- you Yana! 

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