Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sambhali Trust Boutique

Come Shop With Us!

Did you know...
 That at all of our centres our students learn many different sewing and embroidery techniques.

Did you know...
That each one of our students receives a sewing machine once they graduate.

This means...
That not only do our students have the opportunity to practice and improve their sewing skills while attending Sambhali Trust, but it also gives them the chance to make their own income afterwards.

At two of our empowerment centres - Brothers for Sisters & The Graduate Sewing Centre -our students work hard to produce beautiful and trendy Indian and Western style pieces.

Each item is ethically handmade by our students with love!

 Not to mention, the color, fabric and style options can be customized exactly to your liking!

All profits go directly back into the organization and help to purchase teaching supplies for the centres, sewing machines for graduate students or into the student scholarship fund - to name a few!

These profits allow Sambhali Trust to continue being self-sustainable.

All of our products are available for purchase locally in Jodhpur at our Sambhali Boutique, located in the centre of the city.

But you can also purchase them online as a wholesaler or for yourself to enjoy!

To find out how, simply e-mail 

Shopping with Sambhali Trust means shopping ethically, honestly and sustainingly.

And there's no better feeling than that!

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