Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sambhali Trust Celebrates 10 Years of Service!

There have been tumbles, there have been stumbles, and there most definitely have been bumbles, but after gruelling, sometimes backbreaking work, Sambhali Trust celebrated 10 years of existence on January 15th 2017.

But how, we hear you ask, did we celebrate this momentous achievement? By an educational trip to Mandore Gardens, one of Jodhpur’s most popular, beautiful spaces encompassing temples and historic artefacts. Women and girls from the majority of our centres in tow, the founders, administration staff and volunteers (with a few photographers and filmmakers as well!) set off in our vans for an afternoon of learning and fun.

The gardens a sea of pink amongst the greenery as the women’s and girl’s outfits shined in the bright sun, Sambhali Trust’s vision of self-esteem, unity and independence for our females was reinforced as games and speeches were dedicated to this adage. Team building games such as a three-legged race were held to establish unity, and the women showed the staff and each other the skills they had learned whilst at Sambhali Trust.

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