Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day: For Females in Harms Way

However you choose to celebrate love on Valentines Day, give a little love to support the fight against women's rights and girls' education. Love's in the air, so let's share it out.

Give love to the girls who are at risk of prostitution, ill health and are living in on the streets without an education. 

We're supporting One Billion Rising's #REVOLUTIONARYLOVE movement to make Valentines Day A Day of Rising for women and girls who are in harms way.

Give love to the women who are marginalised by India's gender gap, living with no economic or social independence and have no access to basic human rights.

Women in India live in a patriarchal society where family traditions, cultures and social 'norms' obstruct their social and economic opportunities. At Sambhali we're turning this around. For every woman or girl who attends one of our centres, calls our SOS helpline or graduates from our sewing programme, we're one step closer to closing India's gender gap, encouraging girls education and opening up chances for females across India as a whole.

We're currently fundraising to provide 105 sewing centre graduates with sewing machines. Please help us spread the love: https://www.youcaring.com/sambhalitrust-738176

By Sophie Levens

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