Friday, April 28, 2017

Who Made My Clothes? Profile 4 of 6: Rita's Story

Name: Rita
Age: 48
Married: Yes, for 31 years
Children: No children

“I have been sewing since I was a young girl, I learned it in school and I always liked it very much.”

Ritas family comes from Gujarat, she was born and spent her childhood there until at 17 she was married and moved in with her husband’s family in Jodphur. Gujarat is more developed than Rajasthan and it is more common for girls to go school, even 40 years ago when Rita was a student. She finished the 12th grade and dreamt about becoming a nurse, unfortunately the nursing-college was too far away and her father didn't let her go.

“I am not sad that I am not a nurse. I like teaching the other girls at Sambhali because I have a lot of experience.”

Rita visits her family once a year for a couple of days, but since the day of the marriage she has belonged to her husband and his family. In India, a young girl is considered to be under the protection of her father, and when married under the control of her husband. A woman is always dependent on a man, but with Rita’s educational background, her sewing skills and job experience she is able to be more independent than the average woman in Rajasthan.

“I am happy to work at Sambhali, I like talking to the volunteers, even though I don't understand everything, but I like to talk to them.”

Before Rita joined the Graduate Sewing Centre 9 years ago she was already able sew, making an income as a tailor. She worked from home and sold the products she made. She was very happy when she started to work at Sambhali because she is a very social person, she enjoys chatting with the other women and likes to learn new things every day. Rita is proud that she is making products for the Sambhali-boutique and her favourite items are the table-runners.

“I wish for my sister’s daughter that she will have good job and a good husband in the future. I want her to have an easy life and to become a strong woman.”

Due to complications Rita and her husband who is a painter don't have children themselves. However, Rita has a very good relationship with her sister and her biggest wish is that her niece will be able to get a good education and be able to be independent. For herself Rita hopes to stay for a long time in Sambhali because she enjoys every day and is very happy.

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