Thursday, February 22, 2018

Picnic for the Women of Sambhali

On February 17, for late morning, a picnic was organized for the women, girls, staff and volunteers at the empowerment centers.

Mandore Gardens was a perfect setting for this time of fellowship, food and fun. It is a massively quiet and serene park with lush gardens nestled around old stone temples. Numerous langur monkeys strutted around as the women, mostly in pink, walked onto the grounds. They brought with them a picnic lunch that included puri, chipati and aaloo sabji.
Govind spoke to the group as a whole. Following this, the girls and women engaged in numerous activities such as, the three legged race, skipping games, tag and ball games.
A gentleman came to speak to the participants about a project that he is implementing to train women to become rickshaw drivers which would be unique to India.
Everyone enjoyed sharing a meal together, chatting together and playing with one another. A good time was had by all at the Sambhali Trust picnic.

Sheridan Tochkin - Canadian volunteer

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