Friday, February 09, 2018

Women of Sambhali Trust express themselves

On this day, 9th of February 2018, 2 women from each center in Jodhpur were invited to share their experience and thoughts about empowerment with the staff and volunteers of the NGO. The 3 best speeches were to be awarded, but in the end, seven prizes were given to those who stood out.

Some days ago, the women were announced this event. They received the news with enthousiasm and a bit of tension : they are not used to stand in front of others and speak their mind out loud in front of an audience !
They were asked to prepare a kind of essay about empowerment and what they wanted to share, it had to be at least a page long. In the days before the meeting, the teachers and volunteers helped the women and girls in the centers to write their essays by helping them find the topics, the words and the structure they could use.

Today, the women gathered in Sambhali Trust, in the courtyard, where mats and chairs were waiting for them, the volunteers and the staff. The meeting began with a short speech by Govind Singh Rathore, Founder of the Trust.
After that, Manisha, a 14-year-old girl was the first to speak. She was a bit shy, as were all the other girls, intimidated by the audience. Her colleagues followed her. It was a wonderful sight : all these women, talking to share pieces of their lives, their experience, and what they think about empowerment.
Six women stood for a longer time and seemed more at ease when talking. Their point of view was clear, you could read the determination in their sharp, yet sweet eyes.
One more girl, who didn't dare to speak at first, eventually accepted to do so, and was the last one to share her thoughts.
Those seven women were awarded by the Trust, despite the fact that there were supposed to be only three of them.

This strong moment of sharing was more intended to bring the women together than to sharpen their competition spirit, by making them aware that they can rely on the Trust, on the other women of the Trust, whoever they are, whatever their religion or political point of view. The winners can be proud of themselves for being on the way to be the strongest women this country needs, and for becoming role models for their sisters in the Trust.
Women have to stand together and empower each other. This was the clear message that everybody got today, and no one will stop them from doing so.

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