Friday, April 20, 2018

Meet Nirmala, one of our sewers for the Boutique

Today, I met Nirmala, one of the “graduates” of Sambhali Trust who is working for the Boutique. I wanted to share her story with you…

Nirmala is a 40-year-old woman from the region of Varanasi. She now lives in Jodhpur with her husband, and her 4 children – 3 daughters and 1 son. She has been a part of the NGO for approximately 10 years now, and she is still passionate about the Trust and what we do. Despite being a graduate of our Sewing centre, passing a 2 year training course in sewing and embroidery, Nirmala prefers to be considered a worker at the Trust like the other women working with us in our centres and sewing groups.

Before Nirmala came to Sambhali Trust, she had a fairly traditional family: she stayed at home and took care of her children, and her husband was earning the money for the household. But their life was not always easy, and she got the feeling that it would be better for her children if she could also earn money to allow them to achieve more in life. She wanted to learn sewing and to start earning herself. Shortly after she heard about Sambhali Trust. She started to attend the lessons displayed there, learning embroidery and sewing and after 2 years, she was offered a job in Sambhali Trust.

Nirmala is now sewing for the boutique, making clothes and toys and decorating them with her embroidery skills. She prefers sewing to embroidery because her vision is deteriorating making embroidery more and more difficult for her. She is also using her new skills to make and repair clothes for her family.

Nirmala has now been able to achieve her dream for her family; they have more opportunities with an additional income in the family and her new skills have made her feel more independent giving her joy in life. Her opportunity has taught her the importance in independence and self-reliance, and she is determined to impart this advice to her children.

When asked what she would say to a young woman encountering Sambhali Trust for the first time, she replied that any young women who comes into touch with the trust should be aware of the opportunity working with Sambhali can provide. Sambhali Trust provides vital help for women by giving them knowledge and practical skills. Whatever happens in their life, the NGO stands by their side and supports them. The organisation can give women a helping-hand by getting them jobs, opening opportunities and providing funding if needs be. The organisations focus on education also means the Sambhali Trust provides deprived children with scholarship. To women with young children this can mean the world. She hopes that  her words will inspire more women to get involved with the trust to allow more and more people to benefit from such opportunities.

Chloé Cuvilliez

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