Wednesday, September 04, 2019

A letter from Mamta

Photos by: Linda Roemer 

Mamta is producing clothes stuffed animals and bags in
the Graduates Sewing Centre
My name is Mamta. I work in the Sambhali Trust Graduate Sewing Centre. I want to thank Govind bhaiya a lot, first of all, for everything, because he has done so much for all of us and he continues to do so, all the time.

In today’s world, no one even gives ten rupees without expecting anything in return. Apart from our support and work here, we are loved as a family and are connected to each other. We are loved and we are treated like a family, in today’s time no one treats us like that. I think we would never be treated with this much love at any other place.

I got married when I was 20, I moved to my husband’s family and took care of the household and our four children. I left the house only occasionally to buy food at the market. I hardly met any people. As a young girl, I was already interested in handicrafts and decorating, but I wanted to become a doctor. When my father’s sister got married, my family took me out of school because they couldn't afford the school fees anymore, ending my education at 7th grade.

It is the work of every woman to get up early and do the household works, I do the same, and after that, I come to the centre. I had never been a courageous woman - before joining Sambhali Trust, I was very introverted and was scared to face people or to talk to them. But now, I am brave and strong, independent. Here, I have a family, and family is something that I had lost a long time ago. I care about all of my family members and my relationship to them is important to me. If I was working at any other place, then I wouldn’t be able to have so much freedom in my life. It is very special, freedom. I enjoy the work at Sambhali Trust because I can be myself at the centre and can bring in new ideas which are well appreciated.
We have learned a lot of things here at Sambhali Trust. We all like to come here. I work here, and because I earn money now, my children’s future is also bright - they are getting a good-quality education. I like to do all types of sewing here, more sewing rather than embroidery. Because I have a very weak eyesight, it is sometimes hard for me to do, but I try my best. I’d like to thank Rekha Pandit that she recommended Sambhali Trust to me. 

My family never stopped me from coming to Sambhali Trust, thank god, because they also trust Govind bhaiya.

My wish for the future is that no one should have worries, I wish that no person on earth is suffering. 

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