Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Welcome to our Sambhali House

October was the beginning of a new era for Sambhali Trust: the opening of its own house in Raika Bagh, Jodhpur. By being able to buy the ground floor and rent the second one (partial advance payment paid, to hopefully raise enough funds until 2021 to pay the rest) of the former guest house Durag Vilas right next to Durag Niwas, the office, boutique and Graduate centre could move to a bigger place.

On the ground floor, the new office on the left offers enough space for all administrative employees and volunteers. We have extra rooms for the boutique’s stock and a kitchen which can be used by the whole staff. The boutique is right next to the office and the first room you see when you enter the house. Since many groups are visiting us, it is great to finally have a boutique big enough for more people at once. Recent feedbacks have only been positive and have therefore confirmed our decision to move. Furthermore, visitors can see where, how and by whom the items are produced. On top of that, our second boutique in the old town of Jodhpur has moved as well. It is now located next to BlueBird and Namaste CafĂ©. By the help of volunteers, especially Clair C. from the UK, the boutique has been painted and decorated in the beautiful pink color of Sambhali and Jodhpur’s blue. 


The former owners of the building still live on the first floor with a separate exit. On the second floor, the graduates have enough space to stitch and sew new products for both Sambhali boutiques. Additionally, there is another room which can be used as a private retreat for women of the Trust or guests to reduce the overheads of the NGO. The guest room next to it is nowadays used by our newest staff member Roxanne N., a former volunteer who is now the volunteers’ coordinator, administrator of the scholarship program and general assistant of Govind. 

The relocation of Sambhali Trust was a big step for the NGO. It gave us more sustainability and credibility. Vimlesh S., the Director of the Trust, says: “We all are very happy about the new Sambhali House. Finally, we have enough space for everybody, whether it’s in the office, boutique or with our Graduates upstairs. They can sit comfortably and have good light. Many shops in Jodhpur don’t have proper changing rooms because they are just too small. Since we also have more space in the boutique on the ground floor, visitors can try on our clothes and even changes can be done before they leave. It was a good decision to move.” Mrs. Tanwar, Sambhali’s General Secretary, adds that everything is now in one place and connected. When guests are coming, they know where they are and can be shown around very easily. 

We want to thank our donors and all people who have helped us in general. It wouldn’t have been possible without your generous help and support. We appreciate you very much. Thank you for believing in Sambhali Trust. We are looking forward to further cooperations.

Photos and text: Roxanne Naeschen