Friday, July 31, 2020

Sambhali’s production of reusable face masks

Since the main office opened again in beginning of June 2020, all remaining Sambhali teachers are coming to our Sambhali House Monday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm. The Hindi & Math teachers are sitting downstairs in the hall and office and are working on their English, Volunteer Coordination and Computer skills. They use this time to improve as much as possible so that they are ready to handle everything at work once our centers can reopen. It is especially important for them since we don’t know when we can welcome foreign volunteers again.
At the same time, the sewing teachers are upstairs in our Graduate Center and are working on remaining international orders. They are embroidering and sewing tote and saree bags, frocks, etc. and are enjoying to do what they love: sewing and being creative.

Our own Sambhali Masks

Additionally, they are now producing reusable masks in different colors and designs. We started to work on this new idea because we wanted to thank the local police for protecting Jodhpur’s inhabitants day and night.

Visit to the Commissioner of Police

Therefore, some sewing teachers and our Graduates around their Manager, Ms. Kavita Bihal, made around 500 2-ply face masks with elastic ear strings for the city’s police officers. Once all masks were done, Sambhali’s Trustee Mr. Virendra Singh Chouhan, Director Mrs. Vimlesh Solanki, Volunteer Coordinator Ms. Roxanne Naeschen and some of our Graduates & Hindi teacher Mrs. Havlesh Kanwar Khichi went to the Department of Jodhpur’s police. Over there, four of them distributed all masks to the Commissioner of the police and his team. The commissioner, Mr. Jose Mohan, seemed happy and pleased with Sambhali’s donation and got to know about our work and the NGO in general.

We are happy to give back something to the people who risk their lives trying to make sure that we are all safe. They take care of our neighborhoods and the streets. For five months now, they do everything in their power. Sambhali Trust and its participants want to thank all their sisters and brothers for doing an amazing work out there.

We will continue to produce more masks in case more people need our help to protect themselves in this difficult time. We offered to sew masks for Jodhpur’s jail inmates as well. The police now knows about our capacity to distribute more masks and our Nirbhaya Helpline, too. We are here and ready to help however and wherever we can. 

Additionally, we went to the office of Jodhpur's collector, Sh. Inderjeet Singh, yesterday to offer our services and ressources if more people need our help and for example food rations or masks. Today, we donated some masks to labourers in Jodhpur, too. They were very happy about the donation as they don't have access to good face covers.

Take care and stay safe.
Sambhali Trust

Text: Roxanne N., Pictures: Roxanne N., Anju C.

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