Wednesday, September 04, 2019

A letter from Mamta

Photos by: Linda Roemer 

Mamta is producing clothes stuffed animals and bags in
the Graduates Sewing Centre
My name is Mamta. I work in the Sambhali Trust Graduate Sewing Centre. I want to thank Govind bhaiya a lot, first of all, for everything, because he has done so much for all of us and he continues to do so, all the time.

In today’s world, no one even gives ten rupees without expecting anything in return. Apart from our support and work here, we are loved as a family and are connected to each other. We are loved and we are treated like a family, in today’s time no one treats us like that. I think we would never be treated with this much love at any other place.

I got married when I was 20, I moved to my husband’s family and took care of the household and our four children. I left the house only occasionally to buy food at the market. I hardly met any people. As a young girl, I was already interested in handicrafts and decorating, but I wanted to become a doctor. When my father’s sister got married, my family took me out of school because they couldn't afford the school fees anymore, ending my education at 7th grade.

It is the work of every woman to get up early and do the household works, I do the same, and after that, I come to the centre. I had never been a courageous woman - before joining Sambhali Trust, I was very introverted and was scared to face people or to talk to them. But now, I am brave and strong, independent. Here, I have a family, and family is something that I had lost a long time ago. I care about all of my family members and my relationship to them is important to me. If I was working at any other place, then I wouldn’t be able to have so much freedom in my life. It is very special, freedom. I enjoy the work at Sambhali Trust because I can be myself at the centre and can bring in new ideas which are well appreciated.
We have learned a lot of things here at Sambhali Trust. We all like to come here. I work here, and because I earn money now, my children’s future is also bright - they are getting a good-quality education. I like to do all types of sewing here, more sewing rather than embroidery. Because I have a very weak eyesight, it is sometimes hard for me to do, but I try my best. I’d like to thank Rekha Pandit that she recommended Sambhali Trust to me. 

My family never stopped me from coming to Sambhali Trust, thank god, because they also trust Govind bhaiya.

My wish for the future is that no one should have worries, I wish that no person on earth is suffering. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Story of Rita

My name is Rita, I am 50 years old. I live in the suburbs of Jodhpur with my family.
I get up at 5.00am, I clean the space outside my house. I clean my house, I drink tea, clean the toilets and shower.  I make my prayer, I cook breakfast and after feeding everyone, I cook lunch and leave it behind. I bring a little tiffin box with food with me to work. I come to the Graduates Sewing Centre, I make embroidery and other handicrafts like Christmas decorations.
When I go home at 5.00pm, I rest a bit and make tea, and I refill water from the tank for my home. At 7.00pm I make my prayers and prepare dinner. When my husband comes home by 9.00pm, I warm up the food, and feed him. Around 10.00pm I do some work for Sambhali and my family watches TV. I sleep around 11.00pm.

Before I started at Sambhali, I worked at home doing little lace work in my free time. Some women came from my neighborhood for some sewing orders. They also introduced me to the Sambhali Trust. I asked for the permission from my husband and mother-in-law if I was allowed to go to sewing centre. They encouraged me, they said "you do a lot of work at home, yes, go and learn sewing". I enjoyed learning sewing, I learned for six months and was then gifted with a sewing machine. Once the centre closed, we joined the Graduates Sewing Centre and from that moment, my life was changed. I come here, meet the volunteers, learn new things. When I work here, I earn money from which I bought marriage symbolic ornaments, and jewellery.

All the other women here are full of love. We work here for 5 hours, laugh and spend quality time together.

We forget all the tension from home, we get busy here, we are happy here.
The biggest thing is that I have learned so many techniques in sewing. I have started to earn money for myself – I have no children, so I am not in need of a scholarship. Every day I do sewing, I earn money, and I have a lot of interest in my work.

The Trust is a safe place, there aren’t any problems, which makes me very happy. We can now make a living, whereas if we stayed at home, we would not be able to sustain ourselves financially. Nobody helps me at home. Then I come here, I meet other people, it is a relief. I am financially independent now. I am self-confident. I am glad that I am no burden on anybody. Since I left home and came to Sambhali Trust, I have learned a lot for myself.

Most importantly, through Sambhali, I have become independent.

Photo: Photographers Without Borders

Photo: Linda Roemer

See Rita's story and daily life here:

Monday, August 05, 2019

Voices of Shakti Empowerment Centre

Photos by: Linda Roemer

"My name is Prem. I am 19 years old. I am a student of Shakti Centre.  I love coming here. Besides sewing, we learn many different things here. We learn English from the volunteers. So many women want to study, but as they come from poor families, they were forced to drop out of school or not go to school at all. Now, through the centre, they have the opportunity to continue their studies. 

When I first came here, I was taught all the different kinds of embroidery, and later on, I got to try sewing with the machine. We learn how to make umbrella frock, salwar suit, patiyala suit, rajputi poshak, and much more. In the workshops every Wednesdays we are learning a lot too, especially regarding health-related problems. Because of this, the women come to know about their own health problems and how to deal with them. And every Saturday, we do special activities – dancing, singing, playing games and the teachers also give us food. The aim of Shakti Centre is to make us independent, to teach us how we can rely on ourselves in all situations. We gain a lot of self- confidence here – now, we are not afraid to go anywhere. We get to go outside the house, get to explore and experience the world. This centre has been running for nearly three years, and most of the women and girls find jobs after joining the course. 

These women do not need to depend on anyone else and are now walking proudly with their heads up. They are now walking every single step equally with men, on the same level, yes, we are all equal. We are also making other women aware of injustices and encourage them to fight against them - thus, we are good examples for others. That way, our lives are happier, and more enjoyable. I want to thank all the people in Shakti Centre – Because of them, women are now living their lives with pride and self-confidence. Women are raising their voices when they are experiencing injustice in their own lives and in the wider community. We are no longer silenced. Yes, the women that were silenced, those women, are raising their voices today."

Prem, 19 years old

"My name is Sunita. I am 33 years old. I have three children. My mother-in-law and father-in-law live with me. All the responsibilities of home are on me.  I am now the sewing teacher of Shakti Empowerment Centre of Sambhali Trust. I have a job now, and earn money to be financially independent. I am able to stand on my own feet now. I have been given a path for my future.
One day, my husband went to work as usual. There he spoke to one aunty who told him that if someone wants to learn sewing, then you can come to Shakti Empowerment Centre - and a few days later, on 4th October 2017, I went there with my sister in-law. During the first four days, we just watched the other ladies and tried a few first stitches ourselves, and continued with more difficult embroidery later on. We were also taught English by the volunteers. We like to talk in English and we have a one hour class for Hindi and maths as well. On Wednesdays we have workshops in which we gain new knowledge about other important topics. On Saturday, we play and read magazines. After joining Shakti Empowerment Centre, I told a lot of women and girls about it in our neighbourhood, that’s how ten more girls joined the centre.

8th March 2018 was the day where we celebrated International Women’s Day. On that day, at 4pm, my husband came home and he told me he had some burning sensation in his chest - and we went to the hospital. The doctor said it is nothing serious. Medicine was given to him, an hour later we came back home. He told me he was feeling better, that he will take care of the children and the house, and I should go and join the other girls and women and Sambhali staff for the big march on the streets for International Women’s Day. I went. At 7.30pm I got a call from him. He said he needed to go to the hospital again, that I shouldn’t worry. When I reached the hospital, he was in the emergency ward. He still continued to tell me that I shouldn’t worry about him, but the tears started flooding down my face. My Mother-in-law assured me that he is in good hands, the doctors will take care of him, and we should remain calm and hopeful. Later that night, in the hospital, some relatives came to the hospital as well. I asked them “what happened?”, and they said that he is going to be shifted to Ahmedabad. Everyone told me, my mother-in-law and my mother to go home and rest. My husband died that night. When we came to know, a mountain of sadness has crashed on our home. Only sadness and sadness. When my husband left, Manju mam, the teacher at Shakti Empowerment Centre, the volunteer Roxy and the other women of the centre came to my house. Manju mam gave me rupees for me and my children. And she told me that she will make sure that I will still be able to send my children to school. Then Manju mam and Roxy, they gave me the sewing machine and a certificate. After the death of my husband, for ten months, I was alone and sick and sad. I had to stay at home and mourn. I did not go to the centre during this time. Manju mam and Roxy told me to stay strong. Manju mam talked to Govind regarding my kids’ school fees and told him about me and my sewing skills. Now, my children are able to continue their education since Sambhali Trust has granted them scholarship. 

Manju and Roxy – thank you. Thank you for helping me to stand on my feet again. I learned sewing, and later I was assigned as the sewing teacher of Shakti Empowerment Centre. My parents-in-law are happy that I earn money now, and that I have a job nearby our house. The salary is very good, 4,500 rupees a month. My brother gave me scooter which I take to go to the centre every day.

Long live the power of women."

Sunita, now the sewing teacher of Shakti Empowerment Centre